A&S Prize Tournament

A&S display at Harvest Feast of unfinished Arts & Science projects from artisans of Avacal

A&S display at Harvest Feast of unfinished Arts & Science projects from artisans of Avacal

At SCA Silverwolf 2016 the then Queen Hélène Charesse and Royal Heir, Princess Inga in hraustliga (who would later become our Queen) decided that because of the change in the calendar, that the Kingdom A&S championship to find my replacement would not be happening in November at Winter Coronation, as it was too short notice (since the competition was moved from February to November), and asked me to stay on for an additional year.

In discussion with Her Majesty and Her Highness, as well as the Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences, it was decided that instead of the Kingdom A&S competition at Winter Coronation (November 18-20, 2016) the Minister & I would host a Prize Tournament.

A&S Prize Tournament at Winter Coronation

The tournament will give Artisans of Avacal the opportunity to show off their work and vye for the honour and glory of the tournament.


This tournament is a single-entry tournament, however each competitor may enter up to three separate pieces.  Anyone entering three pieces should be prepared to spend all of the scheduled time in competition. More projects will not increase the chance of winning, but will provide excellent feedback for future competition, and may guide those who wish to compete next November for the title of Avacal’s A&S Champion.


The theme for this tournament is OPTIONAL – please let us know if you are opting-in when you register.

The theme is: “Seven”, in honour of our coronation location, at the Seven Person’s Hall. Please feel free to interpret this as you wish, and let your judges know how your project fits in with the theme.
For example:

  • a hat with seven stripes
  • a scroll painted with seven colours
  • a recipe using seven ingredients
  • a story with seven characters
  • a pendant set with seven stones
  • a painted shield with seven figures
  • a song with seven stanzas
  • an epic poem celebrating seven people
  • a gown with seven gores
  • a money-bag with seven pouches

All A&S projects are welcome. This includes Bardic, Culinary, and more. Please review the Rubric & Judging form (below) to guide your project and documentation.


The second table of displays

The second table of displays of projects at Harvest Feast

The format of the tournament will follow a similar format as to general A&S competitions.

  • Competitors will set up their displays 1/2 hour before the competition begins. Tables and chairs will be available. Power may or may not be available. Please alert us well in advance if you require power IF it is available. (No guarantees.)
    • Competitors with one single entry will share tables. Competitors with more than one entry MAY have a table of their own, if space allows.
  • Competitors will be alerted of their judges and judging schedule the day before or the day of. Please be at your table for your judges in time.
  • Competitors must have documentation for their 3 judges. An additional copy for an optional student judge may be valuable.
  • Competitors will have a time slot to:
    • Present their project/perform
    • Discuss their project
    • Answer questions of their judges
      • The time slot will vary based on the schedule provided by the autocrat, however participants should anticipate 10-20 minutes to present their work and answer questions.
  • After the judging session, judges will have a 30 minute window to:
    • Discuss the project
    • Make notes for the competitor
    • Give scores
    • Deliver judging sheets for tabulation.
      • If additional questions arise, they are welcome to request to speak to the competitor again. Thus, competitors should stay nearby.
  • Winners will be announced in evening court.


Documentation is limited to 3 pages, typed, not including graphics, illustrations, appendices, or references. Bullet points are welcome. Research paper entries are not limited in length, but should include an executive summary. Please remember that in the event of a last-minute judge change, a substitute judge may not have time to read your entire paper.

Documentation must be submitted in advance to [artsci AT avacal . org] AND [champion_of_artsci AT avacal . org] by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, November 11, 2016 for advanced distribution to your judges.


The competition will follow the same format for judging as a Kingdom-level A&S competition. Individuals considering entering future K A&S competitions may find this a valuable exercise to prepare for titled competition in future.

Judges and student judges will be selected by tournament hosts. Members of the populace may respectfully sit in on judging sessions, but will not be providing scores.

If you would like to judge or student-judge, please email [artsci AT avacal . org] AND [champion_of_artsci AT avacal . org] by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, November 4, 2016, to be added to the schedule. Please indicate your particular areas of expertise or interest.


The non-competing displays at Silver Arrow

The non-competing displays at Silver Arrow

Pre-registration is required so that we can find suitable judges. Please provide:

  • Your mundane name
  • Your society name
  • The phonetic pronunciation of your society name (for our heralds)
  • Any conflicts you may have with judges (ei: if someone helped you with your project, if you are an apprentice to a Laurel, etc)
  • The name of each of your projects and if you are opting into the “seven” theme or not.
  • For culinary entries, please include a list of ingredients so we may avoid scheduling judges with allergies.

Please email [artsci AT avacal . org] AND [champion_of_artsci AT avacal . org]  by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 21, 2016 to pre-register.


This tournament is open to everyone.

  • Youth (supervised & accompanied by an adult parent/guardian) may enter. The guardian(s) must supervise both the research, creation, documentation, and judging process, though may not do any of the work for their youth. There will not be a youth category for this competition; youth will be judged equally beside their adult counterparts.
  • Members and non-members alike may enter.
  • Current and past title-holders may enter (with the exception of contest hosts).
  • Distance entries are not possible, as participants will not be able to present their work personally to the judges.

Prize categories

There will be two prize categories:

Top score: This prize will go to the top-scoring entry.

Top “seven” score: This prize will go to the top-scoring entry in the “seven” themed category.

In the case that there are not enough competitors for both prize categories, the hosts may opt to eliminate one prize category. One competitor may win in both categories.


This prize tournament will be held at November Winter Coronation (November 18-20, 2016)

Schedule: TBA upon the approval of autocrat and Their Majesties
As of September 2016, we are likely to be competing in the afternoon of Saturday the 19th, though this may change.

Where: Location within the Coronation site TBA upon the announcement of the autocrat
Seven Persons Community Hall
Drinnan St, Seven Persons, AB T0K 1Z0
More information on the Avacal Calendar





4 comments on “A&S Prize Tournament

  1. Greetings, Dawn! You are quite impressive in your knowledge and accomplishments! I just joined SCA, Middle Kingdom, Marche of Tirnewydd, if that makes any sense, and my SCA persona is a 10th C. Icelandic woman named Unn Olafsdottir, after Unn the Deep-Minded. Not that I am deep, by any means. One reason I write to you is that I’m doing a classroom presentation on the women in Njall’s Saga and the Saga of the People of Laxardal in my Intro to Medieval Lit class on Oct. 27, 2016. I’m going to do a PowerPoint, and I had hoped to use some of your images, which I see are copyrighted by you. This would be entirely for educational purposes only. Could you please let me know? I would vastly appreciate your permission!

  2. Dawn, my professor will undoubtedly want your name when I tell her I have your permission to use these photos. Could you perhaps private message me on Facebook? My name there is Timi Townsend, as well! Thanks!

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