Fabric shopping in YYC and YEG

Fabricland on Gateway in Edmonton

Fabricland on Gateway in Edmonton

I’ve posted a few photos from various fabric shopping trips over the past few weeks on my Instagram account, and I have a few more to share from different places. Most of these I’ve reviewed before, so I’m mostly sharing photos today… (YEG – Edmonton, YYC – Calgary)

Fabricland on Gateway in Edmonton

I didn’t get anything here – but I did see some super-cute Halloween fabrics!

Marshall’s in Edmonton

I’ve mentioned Marshall’s once or twice before… kind of a warehouse-like store. Great for fun fur, fleece, some quilting, some dancewear, but not great for fine fabrics, suiting, or evening wear fabrics really. I hate how most of their fabric either doesn’t have content labels – or is occasionally mis-labeled. 😦

I bought a few things while I was here, including a

  • leopard-print spandex fabric – that I plan to use for either leggings or a dress
  • holographic teal dance wear fabric – to use in combination with some black fabric for some leggings
  • purple matte-finish PVC – which I’ll also likely use for leggings
  • rainbow-glitter grey holographic dance wear fabric – which I’ll likely also use in combination with some black fabric for leggings
  • TARDIS print quilting cotton – which I plan to make into something for my mum (who loves Doctor Who
  • Black PVC dance wear fabric – likely for leggings and a dress
  • Burgundy matte PVC dance wear fabric – more leggings planned here too
  • Bat-print quilting cotton – for a dress, possibly a sundress type of dress.
  • Another quilting cotton – which will also be used for a gift (but the recipient occasionally reads my blog, so I’m not going to share it until the gift has been given!)

Click here for an up-close photo of my four favourite fabrics 🙂

Out of Hand in Calgary

Out of Hand is another store I’ve mentioned before.. this time I loved their gorgeous silks, though since I have a lot of silk-related projects still to finish… I wasn’t tempted enough to buy anything. I also have another photo on my Instagram feed.

Three Star Fabrics

Three Star (aka Fabric Depot) is even more warehouse-like than Marshall’s… luckily (or unfortunately? Not sure) I wasn’t too tempted here either… and left without spending any money.

Hopefully with the new fabrics – I’ll have new garments and craft projects to show off soon!

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  1. […] the way back in September 2016 I posted about some TARDIS-print fabric I’d picked up to make something for my mum. […]

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