Bags for Largess

Five tote bags

Five tote bags

I’ve made a number of bags to give away as largess or to put prizes in for A&S competitions over the past year, and today I have even more to show off.

I have a few books to give away to individuals who win A&S competitions, and most of the bags I’ve made (and all of the ones I still have) so far have been pretty small – too small to hold the books, so I needed to make up some larger bags!

Five tote bags

Five tote bags

The first set of bags I made are from home-decorating samples- each side of the bag is different from the other, and the straps are made from a third fabric.

These bags  are all about 7″ wide by 12″ tall, which will make them just right for some of the books I have (but a bit too small for others) without being TOO big. None of the fabrics are right for period though, so they won’t likely be used by the recipient at events – but they’ll make GREAT lunch bags.

The second set were pretty similar, just larger (and with different fabrics!) Three of the tote bags are made of a wool plaid. I got this fabric for free from a former teacher, and these are totally large enough for all of the books I have to give away. They have matching handles. One of them has an internal pocket as well.

Tote bags and a trapezoidal bag

Tote bags and a trapezoidal bag

I also made a similar tote from a red upholstery fabric I got for free as well, and pictured above is also a trapezoidal bag with a front flap. This also has a small pocket, and is lined with MORE free fabric I received.  Both of these fabrics – the upholstery and the plaid will “look-and-feel” pretty good for later and earlier period (respectively) personas I think… so hopefully the recipients can find use for them after recieving them – even if it’s just as a mundane book bag.

Finally, I had lots of smaller fabrics to use as well. These went into smaller bags, below.

A number of smaller bags

A number of smaller bags

From left, clockwise:

  • There was more plaid fabric leftover, this went into three small drawstring pouches.
  • I had four pieces of a wool-look fabric (more drapery samples) which I cut into shell-shapes. These are in the colours of our SCA kingdom, and made up into a large drawstring pouch. I really like the shape of this; I’d like to make it up again in a different fabric.
  • More home decorating fabric samples became two very small bling bags – these will be good if I have small trinkets to give away, or something that could become tangled like a necklace.
  • From the upholstery fabric, I also made a belt-bag with a dangling bead weight to hold the flap closed. I really like the shape of this bag, and might consider making it up again as well in a different fabric (and do a nicer job of the binding… I didn’t have any of the gold in bias, so used it straight-grain which was fussy and not nearly as successful as I’d have liked).

Once I’m done my term as Kingdom A&S champion, I’ll likely pass along any remaining bags to my successor so he or she can do the same – or pass along the larger bags to Their Majesties as largess, as I understand that sometimes they can use the larger bags too. 🙂

Contents needed though…

I’ve put out a number of requests for donations for prizes, and have received items from three people which is wonderful – but I’d love to include MORE items from generous artisans who’d like to share their work.

If you’re in Avacal and have things to put IN these bags for me to give away as prizes… please let me know! I have a number of competitions coming up, and unfortunately don’t have the budget to fill up all the bags on my own 😦

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