Lip balm – DIY recipe

Chocolate-mint DIY lip balm

Chocolate-mint DIY lip balm

While making the beard balm and beard oil lately, I figured I’d make up a few tubes of lip balm while I was at it.. (since the bases use many of the same ingredients).

I bought a dozen lip balm containers from a local supplier (I’ve heard they’re seriously overpriced though, so I’m not going to link them here… if I want to do this again and it’s NOT on a whim or tight deadline, I’ll likely order them online or find a more affordable supplier) so I didn’t want to make a LOT… just enough to fill up the containers I had.

The recipe I used is a bit of a deviation from the Elliot Homestead chapstick recipe.

  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 2 tbsp shea butter
  • 2 tbsp beeswax
  • 90 drops chocolate flavour
  • 30 drops  peppermint oil

I wanted a fairly intense flavour/scent for this. Originally I started with a third of the flavour/scent, dipped my stirring implement into the mix, let it cool, and tried it out… then added more… repeated, and added more again. My lips felt amazingly soft after just the test, so I’m excited to use the finished product.

The recipe did end up filling up all 12 containers, plus two small jars I had leftover from a solid perfume project a while back. 14 containers is a lot…. so some folks might just find a home-made chapstick in their Christmas stocking this year…. 😉

Shea Butter is an ingredient good for healing dry and cracked skin and treating eczema, psoriasis, and sun damaged skin. It’s also supposed to be good for treating stretch marks (not really an issue with lip balm!) and moisturizes, repairing dry, brittle, or damaged hair (again, not really relevant for lip balm).

Beeswax is used for conditioning and smoothing hair (not really relevant), and has anti-inflammatory properties to calm and sooth skin. The wax is protective, helping hold in moisture and reduce dryness. Unlike petroleum products though, it won’t clog pores. It has anti-bacterial properties (like honey) and has been used to treat wounds. It’s also good for treating dry skin or itchy skin.

Coconut Oil is conditioning and protective, and it helps other carrier oils from going rancid with a shelf life more than double most other carrier oils. It’s also good for treating acne.

For tins

A number of different beauty products I made

A number of different beauty products I made

I also considered two other recipes – though I figured these would work better for lip balm in tins instead of the sticks, so decided not to use them. One is from the Nerdy Farm Wife, and another is from Food Plus Words. Next time around I think I’d also like to try a “sweet” chapstick like one using drink powder to flavour and lightly colour the product, like this one from Dramatique Designs (though I’d use the shea butter/coconut oil/beeswax base instead).

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