Laurel’s New Works at SnowEaters

Photos of the Laurel's New Works display

Photos of the Laurel’s New Works display

I was really happy to organize the Laurel’s New Works display at Festival of the Snow Eaters in late October just north of Lethbridge. I had hoped that it would be a really great opportunity for the people of the Incipient Shire of Windwyrm to meet some of the kingdom’s Laurels, see their work, ask them questions, and learn more about their process. I know that often enough, people in the shire find it difficult to get to as many events as those of us in the baronies, and thus have less of a chance to meet the Peers.

I was told in advance that not as many people would attend the smaller event as a larger one, which I knew. One Laurel took the opportunity to send down the “Laurel portfolios” which show off a brief biography of some of the active Laurels as well as some who are no longer active. Another Laurel brought some sewing she’s been working on, while a third (also our Queen!) brought a dress she’s been working on.

It wasn’t quite as well-populated as I would have ideally liked – but it was a great start, and I saw many people from the shire and surrounding area sit down at the table and go through the portfolios and look at the work on display. While I think that a “larger event” might get the attendance of more Laurels, I think this kind of display at these smaller events have a really good benefit for our more distant groups.

Learn more about what I had planned for this display here.

If you were there, and saw the display, or if you weren’t there but have thoughts… please share the with me in the comments! Do you think I should try to organise this again? At a larger event? At another small one?


One comment on “Laurel’s New Works at SnowEaters

  1. I admire both your plan, as you posted it in the summer, and the event that actually transpired. Of course it’s always good, in many differing ways, to have really strong attendance, but that simply doesn’t occur all the time.

    If I were you, I would definitely do it again, perhaps at both a larger event as well as at the same-sized shire event. I think the more times this display of Laurels’ New Works takes place, the more it will become an A&S tradition, which will in turn foster a larger participation. Just my thoughts. 🙂

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