Costume for celebration

At SCA Silverwolf in Avacal (the SCA ‘kingdom’ I’m a part of) it was announced that a friend (Caterina) would be recieving a great honour…

If you’re in the SCA, she’s being elevated to Laurel. Woot!  If you’re not in the SCA, it just means “my friend has done many, many years of cool arts and sciences and is being honoured for it”.

A number of friends are all super excited about it, and she decided that she’d like to include us in the ceremony where she’ll be honoured. Part of this… we’re all going to attempt to wear garb in the same general style of her main persona (Italian Renaissance).

Getting started

Direct link from Pinterest

Direct link from Pinterest – Artist: Raphael Start Date: c.1505 Completion Date:1506

We started this project a bit differently than I normally do – Caterina had the costume idea in her mind already (with some variations for people who would like to do things a bit differently) but the majority of us will doing gowns in the style of two Raphael paintings; one 1505, the other 1506.

Since she had the costume idea, she’d also host a series of work-days where we’d do different parts of our outfits, ideally as much together (helping one another as needed) as possible.

With the design basically in mind, we all “raided” her fabric stash, pulling things that she wasn’t going to use, that we might use to accomplish this costuming goal.

It was going to be an interesting journey, making multiple gowns in a similar style (and a few other gowns that are a bit different) all in a group setting.

Her elevation is scheduled for the Samhain event, which I’m co-autocrating (co-hosting) in early November.  That means we had 4 months to get multiple garment pieces for multiple people done.. including for some people who don’t even live in the same city! eep!

I’ve previously posted about the Woodville-inspired outfit for another member of our group… 

Direct link from Pinterest

Direct link from Pinterest – Raphael, Portrait of Maddalena Dondi. c.1506

Of course, I also went onto Pinterest as usual and looked for more portraits to give further inspiration when it comes to things like jewellry, headwear, etc. You can visit my Pinterest board here.

The fabrics I selected include:

  • A green silk broadcloth – sort of a matcha or apple green (This was originally intended to the the petticoat, and perhaps trim on the gown.)
  • A green and olive figured velvet (though there isn’t much of it, so it was possibly to be sleeves)
  • A teal figured velvet (This was intended to be the main gown.)

I’ll would also need to add in:

  • white linen for the shift – which I had in my stash
  • Sheer silk if I can find it for the partlet
  • Linings, interlinings
  • I also wanted to add some red or gold into the costume as a visual ‘nod’ to the red and gold costume that Caterina would be creating for herself.

Costume breakdown

Caterina already did the costume breakdown for each of us as well, with the concession that with 4 months (plus a lot of other things going on in all of our lives) to work on this, we likely won’t all have time to make stays (corset) to go with this costume as we really *should* have. The costume breakdown she established is:

  • Shift – white linen
  • Underpants – white linen (optional)
  • Petticoat (in lue of a full kirtle worn under the gown) – green silk for me
  • Gown – teal figured velvet for me
  • Sleeves – tan and green chenille
  • Partlet  – optional
  • Accessories like headware, jewellery, etc.

So… full steam ahead!

I’m writing this in advance of the big day, but setting this to publish AFTER Samhain, so that the new costume will be somewhat of a surprise – apart from the sneak previews I’ve show on Instagram!


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