November Naalbinding

November's naalbound hat (and me being super-goofy)

November’s naalbound hat (and me being super-goofy)

Quick post today – just to show off the new naalbound hat I made, finished off in November.

It’s purchased 100% wool yarn, a dark grey heather made of Icelandic Lopi yarn. (The wool I brought back a year earlier from my trip to Iceland!) This is the alafosslopi.

This hat has two stitches… the ‘flat’ stitch is regular Oslo stitch, while the raised ‘ribs’ are a reverse stitch… which I don’t know the name of. (oops) I have used this stitch before to raise up the front of a hat, though this time I used it throughout the front of the hat, rather than just at the lower edge.

This hat still needs to be washed and blocked, but as I might not keep it, I don’t want to block it to my (large) head size quite yet.

2 comments on “November Naalbinding

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