Teardrop-shaped bag

Teardrop shaped back pack

Teardrop shaped back pack

Someone brought some half-finished garments and fabrics to a SCA tavern in the summer. I took a dress that I thought might fit (and I loved the fabric) with a bit of work, but when I got it home I could tell it wasn’t really going to work as a dress.

I decided to salvage the fabric instead, and with it (and some purple broadcloth I had in my stash) to make a pretty day-pack.

If it looks familiar, it’s because it’s the same pattern I used before, when I showed how to make the bag based on one I made for a gift for a friend. This time I made the bag in all one fabric (rather than using the contrast pockets) and did zipper closures on the pockets instead of the snap-closed flaps. This makes them a little more secure.

Like the green and black bag, the strap is adjustable so it can be worn over the shoulder or cross-body, but I didn’t make the strap removable this time around, and didn’t include the key-holding clasp inside the bag. Since the outer pockets have zippers, they’ll work well to hold those smaller items so they don’t get lost inside the main bag.

This is a good day bag, rather than a heavy-duty backpack. It’s good to hold a sweater, bottle of water and a camera for an afternoon out, rather than a big hike.

I actually made this in September… but it was for a gift, so I’m not sharing it here until now – now that the bag has been given away to it’s recipient! 🙂

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