Results of the Apprentice’s Tournament

Prizes for the belted competitor

Prizes for the belted competitor

At Samhain, I co-autocrated the event and also ran an Apprentice’s Tournament. There were three suggested categories if anyone wanted to be inspired:

  • Anything Irish
  • Anything from the 7th century
  • Recent work

The feast at Samhain was originally supposed to be centered around 7th century Irish food, but it ended up shifting somewhat. I had hoped to offer prizes in all three categories, but then I didn’t really get much from the 7th century, and a LOT of recent works, very few Irish works, so I opted to select winners in only two categories:

  • belted apprentices
  • unbelted apprentice-for-a-day

I offered a prize to the belted apprentices, including a painting donated by Sorscha, a little plaid bag I made, a bar of soap I made, a napkin donated by Sorscha, and a black hood/cap I made.


Prizes for the unbelted competitor

Prizes for the unbelted competitor

For the unbelted apprentice-for-a-day winner, I gave a larger plaid tote bag I made, with a leather hair barrette donated by Skeld, three skeins of ribbon donated by Annette, a book on Celtic art from me (bought at the Servant’s Anonymous book sale), and a lute-shaped late-period purse that I made for the Avacal Online Auction that was bought by Morrigan and re-donated for the tournament.

Read more about the Apprentice’s Tournament here.


I REALLY wish that I had more time at this event – I was so busy throughout the tournament that I didn’t get much chance to take photos of the different entries. Really unfortunate, because there were some amazing projects displayed. Here is the only photo that I got – three of them really, but I put them into a collage because none of them were great.. 😦

Laurel gifts

Gifts for the Laurels

Gifts for the Laurels

There seems to be a tradition when Squires win a squire’s tournament… that they give their prize to their knight. Since this was open to both apprentices, and to those ‘apprentice for a day’, and I haven’t seen any apprentice’s tournaments in the SCA kingdom since I’ve joined, I thought that this would be a nice tradition – but not necessarily one that our competitors would know about.

I decided to make little gift bags for the Laurels of winners – one for the Laurel of the belted apprentice who won that category, and one for the sponsor-Laurel of the winning unbelted ‘apprentice for the day’.

The gifts include a small tote bag I made (which would make a good mundane lunch bag!) a bottle of hand cream, a bar of soap (both with pretty medieval-like packaging), a rubber stamp with a medieval-like pattern, and a package of note cards with a medieval-like design. I figured that the little gifts often made/bought for prizes wouldn’t be too useful to the Laurels who have been playing for more than a decade, so these more mundane, hopefully practical items might be better used.

Bardic Competition

Gift/Prize for the Bardic Championship winner

Gift/Prize for the Bardic Championship winner

Samhain was also the event where Montengarde’s current Bardic Champion (Wild Rose) sought to find his successor. As the Kingdom A&S champion (and Montengarde’s A&S champion) I put together a little thank-you gift for the winner.

It’s a little drawstring bag in orange and teal faux silk, a coin purse donated by Skeld, a package of blank notecards with a vaguely medieval/eastern design, and a ‘portable bardic amplification device’ – a rechargeable speaker to plug into a phone for accompanying music.

Heraldic & Scribal display

Originally the event was also supposed to use some space for a vigil for Caterina, who would be elevated to the Order of the Laurel at the event, but the vigil was put off to another event, and so some space opened up. I asked for the space… as it would be the same time as the Apprentice’s Tournament. It needed to be something A&S, something quiet & low-key… and something to attract people who would not be in the tourney.

I asked some of the other organizers, and no one had a specific idea, but then chatting one-on-one, Noah, another SCA person who specialises in culinary work, suggested a heraldry display, since it’s something that doesn’t usually get submitted into A&S competitions because it’s much more of a SCA-ism rather than something historically accurate. I expanded that into Scribal work, since it too is sort of an SCA-ism (though both are influenced by history as much as possible) and it is similarly display-able.


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