CoBloWriMo – August 18 – Favourite Tool

CoBloWriMo - Costume Blog Writing Month

CoBloWriMo – Costume Blog Writing Month

I’ve skipped a few CoBloWriMo prompts because a) I’ve been running tight on time and b) I wasn’t feeling very inspired.

I realize that only a few days notice to start a new month-long project was just too short notice, and it’s making me more unhappy than happy… to basically only post about things I’ve done in the past, while I have so many projects I actually want to work on.

That being said… I DID feel inspired to talk today about the prompt…

I didn’t even have to think too hard about the prompt for today’s CoBloWriMo topic – my favourite sewing/costuming tool… well beyond the obvious (sewing machine, iron, etc…) it’s a loop turner.

Silk fabric for fastenings

hand stitching the silk together for the fastening. For the “loop” side of the button-and-loop is extra-secured with some thread bars.

I have tried a LOT of loop turners. I can’t believe there are so many different loop turners on the market, but the one I always turn to (and have bought several of when the fabric store has a decent sale) is a long thin shaft with a finger-hole at one end and a latch-hook at the other. It works perfectly almost every time… something I can’t say about ALL the other loop turners I’ve tried.

These days I mostly use it for turning the straps on my Viking Age style apron dresses… but really any long and narrow sewn item that needs to be turned needs this… and the latch-hook is fine enough that I can even push it between threads to turn an item with three closed sides. (Like pouches).

Direct link from A Great Notion - a photo of the loop turner I prefer.

Direct link from A Great Notion – a photo of the loop turner I prefer.

So.. for my readers who aren’t doing CoBloWriMo.. what is the most invaluable tool in YOUR sewing kit – historical or otherwise?