CoBloWriMo – August 21 – UFO

CoBloWriMo - Costume Blog Writing Month

CoBloWriMo – Costume Blog Writing Month

Oh… the UFO… Unfinished projects. One of those things that torments me… they sit in my sewing room waiting to be finished. Sometimes when they start bugging me enough they go into a bag and into one of my fabric closets. If I can’t see them they can’t keep bothering me, right?

The CoBloWriMo prompt for today is UFO – and I’ll just show ONE of my UFOs… which I wish I were further along with.

I spent SO much time block printing this gorgeous silk that I bought from my second trip to Finland but then something else became more pressing… and I put it away… and it’s just never edged it’s way back into my heart. I know once I make it I’ll love it… but…. I just can’t find the passion to get back to it again!

There’s also the red velvet Victorian.. the purple velvet 1920s dress, the green diamonds bliaut (trim photographed below) , the Edwardian walking suit. Almost all of them I started making for an event that was subsequently cancelled, and so instead of spending more hours finishing it, I moved on to the costume for the next event… I don’t even think three of the four would even fit me anymore.. which also doesn’t inspire me to open those bags back up again and revisit them.
That’s often how my UFOs start… I begin for an event that is then cancelled… and then I lose all interest.

So, to my readers – how do you get BACK the inspiration to finish YOUR UFOs?

One comment on “CoBloWriMo – August 21 – UFO

  1. I work up enthusiasm for the thing I’m allowed to do once I’ve finished A, B & C!

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