Lucet TUA class

Making lucet cord with a lucet fork from Warm Hearth Creations on a bus ride

Lucet cord making

I’ll be teaching a class at Snoweaters 2017, October 14, on how to make cord with a lucet fork. (Click the link to find out more about the event if you’re in Southern Alberta.)

Make your first lucet cord

Lucet cord is a versatile way of making cord from yarn, embroidery floss, or crochet thread. The resulting cord has a mild stretch which can be used to lace clothing, close bags, string pendants, etc…

With Drífa at lækjamoti

Maximum 6 students

Cost: Free with your own supplies

Supplies needed: yarn (any fiber content, any weight heavier than lace weight and lighter than bulky weight), pearl cotton embroidery thread, or crochet cotton. Nothing too fuzzy. Scissors or snips. Lucet fork. (Instructor will have some supplies available to borrow, but if you have your own, you can continue your project after the class!)  Optional: Chair, notebook

1 hour block

No hand out provided.

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