Slag to block printing ink!

While at my friend’s house having the opportunity to work with Madder and Indigo natural dyes, our hostess also demonstrated a method of using slag from an iron forge to make block printing ink (for use on textiles) with linseed oil.

It made me ponder… how many full-time, active smiths would be needed to produce suitable quantities of ink, for a region’s printing industry…?

You can see more of her experiments, processes, and finished goods on Adventures In Block Printing.

3 comments on “Slag to block printing ink!

  1. Josephine Washington says:

    Wow you find so many interesting things to do, thanks for sharing. Every time I see one of your posts I get inspired to do something arty.

  2. James Gerlinsky says:

    Scale not slag 🙂 and there was enough forge scale produced once upon a time that it was collected and sold back to the smelters.

    • Dawn says:

      Thanks James! I thought that Slag was what Morrigan said, but I might have mis-heard her… (there was wine involved…)
      Do you have any notion of the ratios (in any time period/any culture) of forges to the industries that would have used the scale it produced? It seemed like she needed a great amount of scale to make a small amount of printing ink… though I don’t know how much is produced in the production in a forge.

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