Maiwa Supply on Vancouver’s Granville Island

Inside Maiwa Supply in Vancouver's Granville Island

Inside Maiwa Supply in Vancouver’s Granville Island

In my previous post about Maiwa Handprints I mentioned that I visited that store before visiting Maiwa Supply. In today’s post I’ll show off a little from Maiwa Supply on Vancouver’s Granville Island.

Wooden blocks

A nice selection of very modern wood block designs for block printing

A nice selection of very modern wood block designs

Mostly I went to Maiwa Supply to look for natural dyeing supplies… however I also looked at a number of different things. Although Maiwa Handprints didn’t  have the wooden blocks for block printing that they used to – Maiwa Supply had a nice selection of them. Most of them were quite small however, and the larger ones were all very modern designs as far as I could see.


Linen fabric for sale at Maiwa Supply

Linen fabric for sale at Maiwa Supply

They also had a small selection of natural fibre fabrics, mostly in white/natural (so that they could be dyed of course!

I noticed wools, linens, and silks. I remember in previous years that they had silk/rayon velvet, but I didn’t see it this time (though I might just have overlooked it).

I did notice however… how expensive their fabrics were. $45-$49.00/metre for linen for example. It was nice linen… but not any nicer than some of the other linens I’ve bought for a third of the price in the past from other sources. I don’t think I’d be too keen to shop for fabric there with that kind of price point!

Horn, bone, and wooden tools

Maiwa Supply had horn and bone tools for sale, including these small hooks and darning needles.

Horn and bone tools

I was however tempted to buy one of their horn darning needles – for naalbinding of course though! They had some bone and horn needles as well as crochet-type hooks. They also had other tools, but all were very modern in style, and I opted to focus on other purchases instead…. like those aforementioned natural dyes!

Natural dyes

Just some of the natural dyes for sale at Maiwa Supply

Just some of the natural dyes for sale at Maiwa Supply

Online they have a very large selection of natural dyes, and in-store I think they had almost all of them in-stock.

Along with unprocessed dyes like flowers, bark, and bugs, they also had dye extracts which are more processed. I originally started by picking out some extracts, but the sales person recommended starting with the unprocessed dyes instead.

She showed me a number of really cool swatch books which showed how different combinations of dyes and mordants could work on different fibres. Then she showed me different concentrations as well (which I’ll show off in another post in a day or two).

Click on the thumbnails below to see larger versions of these swatchbook photos.


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