Classes at Snoweaters

Lucet cord class at the SCA Festival of the SnowEaters. Some of the students brought their own lucet forks, while others used borrowed or "hacked" ones I made from common household items.

Lucet cord class at the SCA Festival of the SnowEaters

I attended Festival of the Snoweaters in October, and it’s taken me this long to get to the few photos I took to share them…

I taught two classes – Introduction to naalbinding, and Introduction to lucet.


I’ve had a number of people ask me to teach them naalbinding, so I was excited to see so many people in the class. I’ve taught it once before, and even before Snoweaters happened had agreed to teach it at Samhain too, so I think I’m done teaching that class for a while… maybe there’s an intermediate class I can teach at some point, now that so many people know how to naalbind!

I let people know in the class that getting started can be the most complicated part – but by the end of the class about half the class was well on their way to creating something… The other half – less so, but hopefully they’ll keep trying and find a love for it the way that I have!

For anyone who wants a reminder about the Oslo stitch… I recommend this video:


One student shows off her lucet cord in my introduction to lucet cord class at the Festival of the SnowEaters event in October 2017

One student shows off her lucet cord at Snoweaters

The lucet class was a bit more smooth, with most of the class guests getting well on the way to creating cord, and several of them finishing off a cord length that they were happy with.

I suspected that not everyone would have their own lucet fork, so I brought my “extras” (which isn’t too many) and one student brought two and was able to share one, but I had more students than forks… so I crafted a “hack” or McGyvere’d version (coined by a student) using a white eraser, an elastic band, and two pens to make an impromptu and super-easy lucet fork. It might not have been perfect, but it worked!

For the next step in lucet… how about two-colour cord like in this video?

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