Millinery pattern drafting class

Different parts of the hat are flared to different amounts

At the SCA event Yule in the barony of Borealis (mundanely Edmonton) I’ve offered to teach a class on pattern drafting for millinery (hats).

The event takes place December 9-10, 2017. The Facebook event for more information is here.

Millinery pattern drafting

In this class we’ll go from measurements and style inspiration to a pattern for your custom-made hat (which you can construct at home). We’ll be doing patterns for either dressmaker hats or canvas/buckram wired hats. We won’t be covering felted hats.

  • 2 hour class
  • 6 students (flexible)
  • cost: free
  • supplies: Please bring large paper (or be willing to tape smaller pieces together), clear tape you can write on, pencil, eraser, paper scissors, a ruler, and a tape measure. Also bring a photo/etc of your desired hat/inspiration. You can also send your inspiration to me in advance if you want to discuss options. (

Examples of some of the period-inspired or period-informed hats I’ve made

Examples of some of the mundane & fantasy costume hats & fascinators I’ve made

One comment on “Millinery pattern drafting class

  1. […] drafted the pattern in the class I taught at Borealis Yule 2017. I referred to my previous research as well as the portraits I was referencing. For those who took […]

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