Purple plaid circle skirt

A bias-cut circle skirt in purple, white, grey and black even plaid

Purple plaid circle skirt

I got on a bit of a roll, making mundane clothing for every-day wear… the black and white pinstripe pencil skirt, the printed plaid pencil skirt, the printed plaid circle skirt, and finally this purple, grey, white, and black plaid circle skirt.

Like the skull printed skirt #1 and #2, along with the blue taffeta skirt I made in the past, I used my circle skirt pattern, used a side zip on this one however, and an elastic waistband.

I allowed the skirt to hang for a few nights to let the hem ‘fall out’ (it didn’t by any noticeable amount.. thankfully) and then serged the raw edge, letting it gather just slightly… this made it a lot easier to fold up to press a hem into it (ease the hem), and finally top-stitch the hem by machine.

Letting the serged edge gather slightly makes it a lot easier to ease the extra hem fabric of the circle skirt.

Hemming the purple plaid skirt

I took photos in the last few days of fall before the snow started to fall… I’m wearing this with tall black boots, black tights, and a tight black sweater along with my usual Viking-themed pendants.

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