Inspired by Midgaarb

Plaid hood inspired by Midgaarb's hooded capelets

Plaid hood inspired by Midgaarb’s hooded capelets

Lately I’ve been loving the Instagram feed from a costumer from the Pacific Northwest – Midgaarb. She shows off a lot of Viking-inspired costumes, along with beautiful evocative photos of the beauty of the PNW. When I came across a piece of wool-blend plaid in my stash from the April 2017 Grandmother’s Fabric Sale, I immediately thought of Midgaarb’s hooded capelets, and crossed my fingers that the yardage (less than 2 meters) would be enough.

The pattern is absolutely not historically-informed. The overall shape is similar to the Skjoldehamn hood, which is post-Viking period, but my version is much less fabric-efficient than the Skjoldehamn hood. The pattern accommodates the shoulder shape in a similar way that London Hood does – though this too is post-Viking period.

However, I’ve appreciated the look-and-feel of these hoods on Midgaarb’s Instagram feed, and wanted to create something similar (although not exactly the same… since I’m not using her patterns, but rather drafted my own!)

In my Instagram video I said that I got the fabric from my former teacher – when I looked at my notes on the fabric I realized I was incorrect – this fabric was from the Grandmother’s sale… so I probably paid about $2-4 for this fabric in total.

Construction of a wool plaid hooded capelet.

Two photos sewing the plaid hood

I cut the fabric and did the construction entirely on my sewing machines. While I often will do my main seams by machine and then finish by hand – I wasn’t interested in spending the time on hand-work for a garment that I already know isn’t historically-informed.

Even if it’s not historically informed – I really like how this fits over the shoulders – and with the deep hood it looks nice with the hood down as well.

Plaid hood inspired by Midgaarb's hooded capelets

Plaid hood inspired by Midgaarb’s hooded capelets

While I really liked this – I wanted it longer.. so ended up doing two more hoods in this style… more to come in upcoming posts!


If you haven’t already visited Midgaarb on Instagram, I recommend it – she makes gorgeous Viking style costume pieces, and takes beautiful photos that will make you want to don all your wool and get out into the forest!

One comment on “Inspired by Midgaarb

  1. Libellula says:

    Thanks for posting. I love that hood and would wear it today. Do you have any posts or threads on weaving? I have just become interested in this.

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