Horned hennin documentation

My second attempt at a Horned Hennin. This hat is made of dark red cotton velvet and embellished with faux pearls and metal billaments.

Selfie in my new horned hennin

On January 20, 2018 I’ll be presenting my research, documentation, and finished hat for comment only at Montengarde’s Twelfth Night. I’m not entering the competition to be Montengarde’s next A&S champion (since I only stepped down as Kingdom champion in November!). I wanted to share my documentation here – in case I need a digital version at the event!

Horned hennin documentation PDF

To see the full blog post with even more photos of construction/etc, visit my horned hennin blog post, or click the category for 15th century French to see more research, accompanying garments, and other projects from this era.

Here’s a photo that the Baroness of Montengarde took of my display at Twelfth Night!

Horned hennin competition display

Horned hennin competition display

One comment on “Horned hennin documentation

  1. […] Tudor-era cap of maintenance (discussed in my PDF documentation for my horned hennin) discusses baleen used for boning to support the hat. Although its far later […]

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