Beauty Obsession – Lime Crime Diamond Crushers

Assortment of Lime Crime Diamond Crushers lip toppers

Assortment of Lime Crime Diamond Crushers lip toppers

The the other day I posted about the Lime Crime cosmetics Hi-Lite palettes from Winners. Today… a much bigger obsession… the lip toppers called Diamond Crushers.


Diamond Crushers

Assortment of Lime Crime Diamond Crushers lip toppers

Assortment of Lime Crime Diamond Crushers lip toppers

The product I’m near-obsessed with (and what I originally was considering ordering online) is the sparkly, holographic glitter-stick that can be used as a highlighter or lip-topper. It goes well over matte lipstick, but can also be used alone… though it dries with a matte-lipstick FEEL (rather than a gloss feel) which claims to be smudge-proof.  I’d say it’s really similar to the Urban Decay Vice Special Effects, though the Urban Decay glitter is finer, and the Lime Crime product seems to last longer. I also like the sponge-brush instead of the paint-brush style applicator on the Lime Crime product.

Assortment of Lime Crime Diamond Crushers lip toppers

Assortment of Lime Crime Diamond Crushers lip toppers

I did however find that not every shade is equal. For instance, some are more sheer or go on less smoothly than others. A few of the shades are more staining as well – so some are really toppers, and would look pretty dull on their own… while others could totally go on alone.

They are supposed to smell like strawberries. They kind of do. They don’t taste like strawberries though – you’re not going to be all Lip-Smackers licking your lips with these on…they actually kinda taste like glue.

They also seem.. dry. Worn on their own, or over matte lipstick (which I don’t find feels overly dry) these make my lips almost instantly feel dry. Putting balm overtop seems to help a fair amount, but it’s totally different than the glitter glosses I’ve used from other companies.

I bought:

Angel’s Breath – a ‘tearful blue’

This is a pastel blue with a pink and lavender shift. It doesn’t go on as evenly as I’d like, and it’s very sheer, so I think it’s best worn over another colour.

Summer – a ‘sparkling peach’

This is a pinky-peach with a copper shift. It goes on smoothly, but is moderately sheer, so I think it would be wearable on it’s own… though I think it will be great over a dark red lipstick. It moderately stains  – which might be a good thing or not…

Heirloom – a ‘ruby pink’

This is a bright pink with a pink glitter. This goes on quite smoothly and evenly – but is nearly opaque, so I think it would be great all by itself, or super over a bright cherry red, hot pink, or even golden lipstick. This one stains a LOT. I swatched it on my hand, and then washed my hands with soap twice… and the stain was still obvious 6+ hours later. I wouldn’t suggest using this anywhere except lips because of this…. In the photo above I’m wearing it over a dark grey (nearly black).

Lit – described as ‘rose gold on acid’

This is a rose-gold with a gold glitter. Like the others above, it goes on smoothly and evenly, and is moderately opaque which was surprising for how light the shade was. It doesn’t seem to stain. I think it will be great over a brownish pink, but might also be workable just on it’s own once I start using that self-tanner…. (I think it will be too light on pale skin alone).I also tried it over a bright true red and it went very copper.

Black Unicorn  – listed as a ‘black rainbow’

This is a purple with a blue/purple/gold/pink glitter which really just reads as a glittery purple. This is the only one that bled when I swatched it, though I LOVE the colour. It goes on moderately evenly, and is kind of half-way between sheer and opaque. It doesn’t appear to stain. I think it’s ok on it’s own, though fantastic over pretty much every shade I’ve tried it on…. (this was the first shade I picked up).

Interestingly, I didn’t see the comment on the other shades – but this one specifically says not to use it near the eye area…

Gemini – a ‘maroon/blue duochrome’

Swatching 8 of the Lime Crime Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers

Swatching 8 of the Lime Crime Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers

The second I saw this one, I wanted it… in the tube it’s like burgundy meets purple… with a shimmery purple/blue shift. Swatched, it’s more like a metallic red-based purple. It’s as opaque as Heirloom, but doesn’t appear to stain. It’s pretty nice on it’s own, but I also think it it will look great over a dark shade like dark purple, red, navy, or black.

Trip – described as ‘delirium purple/turquoise shift’

I was excited to see this shade in person – it looks gorgeous online. When I swatched it I was SO disappointed. It’s a lavender with a blue shift, but it is SO sheer it barely shows up. It might be great for darker skin… but it didn’t do anything for me. I’m hopeful that it will work well over a super-dark lipstick. It might also be ok as a highlighter.

Unicorn Queen – an ‘electric violet’

This is a light purple with a blue, pink, and purple shift/glitter… the online swatches show it incredibly electric – bright as dayglo… but in person it only gets that electric in the right light… otherwise it’s sort of an ordinary pale purple. In the right light it takes on almost a metallic sheen, but the glitter doesn’t show at all. It’s pretty sheer (though less so than Trip), and doesn’t go on super evenly (a lot like Angel’s Breath in that respect).

Cleopatra – listed as a ‘blush/gold shift’

This is sort of a light copper, with a gold and pink glitter giving it the nice blush/gold shift. It goes on quite unevenly unfortunately – some parts are completely sheer while parts are mostly opaque. It’s a great colour – but I think it will be harder to wear with how uneven it applies.

Acid Fairy – described as ‘lavender/mint shift’

This is a soft pink with what looks like green, gold, and pink microfine glitter, giving a LOT of colour shift between sort of a light hot pink, a mint green, and a golden pink. It swatches quite evenly, and semi-opaque looking.

Over the Rainbow – ‘rainbow nude’

This one is a slightly darker copper than Cleopatra, leaning towards a brownish-peach, with pink, green, gold, and blue microglitter. In most lights it just looks sort of brownish-peach/copper, but flashes a kind of bright pink-gold. It swatches pretty evenly, and semi-opaque.

Choke listed as ‘baby pink/baby blue shift’

This is a totally clear topcoat with pink and blue. It goes on very sheer, and in one light it swatches clear with a slight pink tint, and flashes ice blue. It goes on quite evenly.

Strip listed as a nightclub ‘pink/pink shift’. On the website it’s also listed as “stripper pink”… which I think is a lot less cool….

This is like Heirloom – a pink with pink glitter, though it’s a lighter Barbiedoll pink. It swatches fairly consistently and even, and appears semi-transparent… not nearly as sheer as Choke, but not as opaque as Gemini. It totally stains the skin… I put a swatch on, and washed it off with makeup remover about 20 minutes later. 10 hours later there was STILL a faint pink stain on my skin. (So.. probably not great to use as highlighter..)

Unicorn – ‘lavender/rainbow sparkle’

Like Choke, this is a nearly completely clear topcoat. Instead of pink and blue glitter, it has purple and dark gold. There is also some pink, blue, and green… but the dark gold and purple really are the dominant colours. Like Choke, in most lights it’s clear with some brown where the gold glitter is, and it flashes lavender. It’s extremely sheer, and goes on reasonably evenly, though the gold glitter appears to be larger than the rest, so tends to accumulate on the edges of my swatch.

Fluke – listed as ‘mauve/blue shift’, or ‘chill mauve’ depending where on the website you look

This one is another blush/light copper or rosy-coral colour, with a lavender shift. It seems semi-transparent as well, and swatches very evenly. I think this will be a great one on it’s own.

L.A. – described as ‘sunset/orange’

This one is a bright orange with a pink shift, and although I didn’t think I’d like it, I actually really do, especially over a dark red.

Picking out shades of the Lime Crime Diamond Crushers at Winners

Picking out shades of the Lime Crime Diamond Crushers at Winners

The only ones I wasn’t able to find were:
Dope – listed as a cotton candy/ champagne shift,

Pink Pearl, which is listed as an iridescent pale pink, or a pink/white shift depending on where on the website you look,

Meadow, which is listed as a mint green,

Cloud 9 – listed as periwinkle blue.

I don’t think I’d look for the Pink Pearl, because it sounds too much like Choke and Unicorn, and I don’t think I’ll look for Meadow – because I don’t tend to like greens. I’d be on the fence about Cloud 9 because I am half-and-half about blues, but I might keep an eye out for Dope.


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