Lime Crime Diamond Dew

One last post specifically about Lime Crime cosmetics I bought from Winners today. I bought three different shades of Diamond Dew; but I’m not nearly as obsessed with them as I am about the Diamond Crushers…


Diamond Dew

Swatching the three shades of Diamond Dew I bought

Swatching the three shades of Diamond Dew I bought

The Diamond Dew products are glitter for the eyes, in adorable little bottles shaped like tear drops or potion bottles…

In their consumer packaging – they don’t look like much honestly. The packaging is sort of opalescent, and really distorts the colour of what is in the bottle. Even then, the BOTTLE is not a great indicator of the colour -other than perhaps to tell the green from the red on your shelf.

On the packaging, they’re described as liquid glitter eyeshadow. On the website they’re described as an eyelid “topper that brings the effect of sparkling diamonds to your eyes” which is much more accurate. I picked up three colours, and all are fairly sheer – not really great as an eyeshadow if you’re looking for a bold look.

They claim that they won’t crease, smudge, or fall-out. I put on one of the colours (no eyeshadow, no primer) and several hours later… I’d agree. The glitter didn’t wind up all over my cheeks, and it didn’t seem to settle in my crease at all. (I have deep-set eyes, so this is a real advantage…) It also claims that it won’t ruin the rest of your makeup… but I haven’t checked that out yet.

It has a built-in applicator, and the neck of the bottle will absolutely keep me from getting all of the product out. The top of the cap can’t be set down either, so using a different brush will be a challenge. The applicator is sort of a triangle shape, and very small, which means application all-over is a bit tiresome. The product smells like glue.

I bought:

Vision – ‘mauve iridescent’

Of the three I bought, it is the most even, and the least sheer – though still very sheer. It’s a dark mauve, with a rose-gold and blueish shift. It didn’t stain when I swatched it, and seemed to last fairly long – but came off easily with just water and a little rub. No need for makeup remover…

Paris – ‘malibu pink iridescent’

This is the most sheer of the three I bought, and applies the least evenly. I am not sure what they think “malibu pink” is… but it’s a pale baby pink that barely shows up on my pale skin. It shifts pink and lavender, with a little rose gold. When I swatched it, it faded the fastest, though was still there… technically. I suspect this might be ok on very dark skin, but on me it’s pretty much nothing.

Dragon – listed as ‘teal-copper-blue’

This is the third shade I bought, and it’s sort of in the middle in terms of both evenness of application and opacity. It’s goes on mostly evenly (though not as even as Vision) and it’s fairly sheer (though not as near-invisible as Paris). It also faded not nearly as quickly as Paris, but more so than Vision. It’s a green-blue… though in low light it goes a little blue-grey. The glitter includes pink, lavender, and blue (I’m not sure where they got copper from). It shifts grey/ and a teal-blue.


Honestly, as much as I love glitter – these just aren’t worth the price. The product goes on so unevenly that it’s difficult to create a smooth overall look, and the applicator is way too thick and chunky to do a thin, accurate line of glitter. The product is too sheer to really be eyeshadow, which means it needs go to over another product – and the damp applicator picks up the colour of the powder.

The other challenge I have with this, is that the glitter does stay in place -until it’s touched. Then it goes absolutely everywhere. When I put one of the colours on my eyelids, after a quick touch-up, my forehead and cheeks had loads of glitter on them.

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