Dreamgirl & Boudoir Eyes

Two Faced Boudoir Eyes mini-palette

Two Faced Boudoir Eyes mini-palette

Two Faced Boudoir Eyes mini eyeshadow palette

While I was doing a lot of cosmetic shopping at Winners, I first passed up this Boudoir Eyes eyeshadow mini-palette from Two-Faced. I mentioned it to a friend, and she said that she thought I’d like their products – because for pale skin the shades still showed up…

So when I was back at a different Winners, and found it again – I picked it up.

Two Faced Boudoir Eyes mini-palette

Two Faced Boudoir Eyes mini-palette

Because of the size, I thought this would be a great, super-simple neutral travel palette. I also kind of liked the idea of the little instruction booklet, though I didn’t think I’d ever really use it.

The darker shades definitely did show up on my skin, but the lighter shades were just too similar to my skin tone to show up I’m afraid.

The other problem – there was tremendous fall out with all of the eyeshadow shades.  WAY too much to even consider as a travel palette when I might be putting on makeup on a bus seat or in a restaurant washroom.

This was $19.99 Canadian at Winners, but sells for $36.00 US online ($47.52 Canadian today) – but not a keeper. 😦

Lime Crime Dreamgirl lipstick trio

Lime Crime Dreamgirl trio

Lime Crime Dreamgirl trio

The Lime Crime Dreamgirl trio bundle comes with three full-size lipsticks, and was a special offer just for Valentine’s day. It’s sold out on the website anymore, but I found it at Winners! I bought one for myself, and one for a friend for her birthday.  This trio includes the “Cheap Thrill” Diamond Crusher lip topper (a golden-pink shift which is described as “sunset/rose”). I liked this a lot… but it’s also super similar to the Diamond Crusher shade “Lit”, even if Cheap Thrill isn’t available on the website.

It also comes with two Velvetine shades – “Dreamgirl” – a deep cranberry (not available on the website), and “Red Hot” – a metallic cherry red. I loved both of these shades, but I find that the Velvetines are REALLY dry. A friend recommended doing a lip exfoliation/scuff first, then moisturize with a good balm… then blot off the balm excess and apply the lipstick. That’s a pretty significant time commitment for my morning routine… but still the colour seems to last pretty long, and doesn’t seem to bleed or feather a lot. The formula is also perfect to go under the Diamond Crusher.

The Dreamgirl trio bundle originally sold for $58.00 US on the Lime Crime website (which works out to about $76.56 Canadian today) and I bought it for $29.99 at Winners. I’d pay $30 again.. but definitely wouldn’t pay over $75 (plus tax, and shipping) for this trio. So if you see it at Winners, pick it up!


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