Tapestry weaving demo at cSpace

Group tapestry project at Alberta Culture Days 2018

Group tapestry project at Alberta Culture Days 2018

In an earlier post I mentioned taking a silk screening workshop at the Natalie Gerber Studio for Alberta Culture Days.

Along with that workshop, I also took one on block printing, and then also attended an interactive hands-on demo about tapestry weaving with textile artist Liv Pedersen.

I’ve seen someone in the SCA doing a different kind of tapestry weaving, but this was similar, and had similar elements to weaving I’ve done in the past, using a cartoon to make pictures within the yarn.

Liv does woven portraits which are really neat! For the demo, she’d set up two practice boards that were warped and had a cartoon behind them to make a picture (I worked on one of a mountain or volcano). Each person had the chance to pick up the  board and weave away while following the cartoon. No one finished a piece… we all contributed to it. (I had to leave before it was done.)

The process was so attractive to people hanging out, that someone went and made additional practice boards on card so more people could get weaving!

I was surprised that Liv uses inexpensive acrylic yarn for her creations.. in my mind I would be using hand dyed wool… but I’m totally looking at it from a historical reenactment perspective!

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