3D scanned & printed holiday gift

3D printed miniature necklace stands for a doll diorama - made for a holiday gift for a friend

3D printed miniature necklace stands for a holiday gift

Like previous years, I’m writing this before Xmas, and will publish it afterwards to save the surprise… though anyone who checks out my Instagram profile might have had a bit of a sneak preview…

One of my friends collects dolls, and makes little dioramas of her dolls. She purchased a miniature necklace display stand online, and after the LONG shipping time because of the Canadian Postal Union strike, she got it, loved it, and wanted MORE for a little jewellery shop diorama.

She asked me about casting it and making a mould, however because of the shape, that didn’t seem like the best option as she didn’t want a seam.

Then I found the local Maker Space thanks to an online acquaintance, and set out to use the 3D scanner to take a digital ‘copy’ of the miniature necklace display stand. (Click the Instagram video below to see additional photos)

Unfortunately, the scan didn’t really work. I don’t entirely know why – the space supervisor and I trouble-shot the issue a few times, but ultimately it wasn’t working… so she suggested checking out Thingiverse.

Much to her surprise, I found an alternative on Thingiverse almost immediately, and so I put it into the queue to print in FDM. (Fused Deposition Modeling) The 3D printer supervisor ended up actually printing not one, but three copies using the SLA (Stereolithography) machine instead (because we’d chatted that ultimately I wanted more than one), as she said the result was a lot smoother for this print.

When they came off the printer they needed to have the supports clipped off, and the rough edges sanded smooth. Luckily the Maker Space provides the tools to do this. The Thingiverse stand isn’t exactly like the original, but close enough that I think it will make a great addition to my friend’s tiny jewellery store.

Since the plastic making up the printed stand is quite light, I found that they tipped over on uneven surfaces/etc, so I suspect my friend may need to use a tiny strip of two-sided tape to set the stands in place, or just not bump into them once they’re set up.

I borrowed one of her doll necklaces to take photos and make sure the scale was correct. This necklace is made by Integrity Toys, and is from a dressed doll called Shimmering Dynasty.

3D printed miniature necklace stands for a doll diorama - made for a holiday gift for a friend

3D printed miniature necklace stands for a holiday gift

Now.. I want to make her some bracelet stands too!

  • I think this one will be way too top-heavy.
  • This one is super cool.. but since it’s full-size and I want doll scale, the non-printed parts might be difficult to source in the right fabric.
  • This t-bar style one might be just right! There’s also a coordinating necklace one for longer necklaces which she also has for her display.

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