Make a packable hennin

V-neck Burgundian gown worn with a white horned hennin

V-neck Burgundian gown worn with a white horned hennin

I’ve offered to teach a class for Avacal’s Winter Crown on February 15, 2019 in Beiseker, Alberta. I figured I’d share a little bit of information here in case anyone was interested. (You don’t need to be an SCA member to attend the event.)

Make a packable hennin

Need something for your head? Space at a premium when you carpool to events? Make a packable c.15th century truncated or horned hennin! Participants should bring a basic sewing kit (needles, thread, scissors, chalk, pins). Those wishing to make a truncated hennin should bring .5m of stable-weave fabric (ex: 3.5oz linen). Those wishing to make horned hennin should bring .5m of dense fabric with very firm body  (ex: wool melton coat fabric) These fabrics will not be visible, so can be any colour, but lighter is better. We likely won’t complete the hats entirely in class, so additional steps will be shared for completion at home with additional materials. These techniques can also be applied to other hat styles, and traditional millinery techniques will also be discussed.
Instructor: Drífa at lækjamoti
Class Duration: 1 hour
Min/Max Students: minimum 2, maximum 8
Cost: $0

Its unlikely that within the one-hour time slot, that we’ll have time to finish the hat entirely, so I’m not planning for that… which means participants will need the following materials at home as well:

Truncated hennin

  • lining fabric (lightweight smooth fabric, like a lightweight linen)
  • stiffening material – card, plastic, etc.
  • outer fabric (anything you like… velvet, wool, etc) mine is a wool suiting

Horned hennin

  • lining fabric (lightweight smooth fabric, like a lightweight linen)
  • outer fabric (anything you like… velvet, wool, etc) in my example above, I’ve used a heavy white linen
  • optional plastic boning

Complete the look

Once the hats are made, to complete the looks as pictured above, the truncated hennin can be worn with a wired loop band, and an optional veil. The horned hennin is always pictured with a veil.

The techniques I’ll be teaching will also apply to other hat styles, so I’m willing to chat with people about their other ideas and plans.

An assortment of other period-informed hats I’ve made below.

For more

My second attempt at a Horned Hennin. This hat is made of dark red cotton velvet and embellished with faux pearls and metal billaments.

Selfie in my new horned hennin

For more hennin posts, check out the hennin tag. Additionally if you want to see more hats (both period-informed as well as fantasy) check the millinery tag.


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