Monster-print apron

trying on the monster-print apron

trying on the monster-print apron

My friend Skye had a birthday recently, and when I was up in Edmonton at Marshall’s Fabrics I found this super-cool fabric. It has a series of old-school classic movie monsters; the Mummy, a Vampire, Frankenstein’s Monster, and a Werewolf – such fun! She’s a big fan of horror movies, and I thought this would make a good fabric for a gift.

movie-monster print fabric

movie-monster print fabric

The fabric was a little expensive, so I only bought one meter (or yard, I think they sell in yards…?) but that was a perfect amount, mixed with just a little bit of black broadcloth, to make up a super cute three-pocket hostess apron. Years ago I made  a cute, floofy sushi-print apron for another friend, but I thought this one would be a little more functional, for either hostessing, or maybe even for when she’s practicing her trade – she’s an amazing hair stylist!

It was a pretty fast project… in fact I am making another one for another friend too (which I’ll have to share later, since her birthday is still coming up!)


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  1. Aina Smeby says:

    Hey… i was looking into your web. All your thing is awesome…

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