Dior – wrapping up

Dior's Invitation evening suit

Dior’s Invitation evening suit

In my last post, I shared the day suits, and in previous posts I’ve shared evening gowns and day dresses. In this post I’ll just share some of the bits and bobs that didn’t really fit into other posts to sort of wrap up the display.

If you want to see more photos from this exhibition, click the Dior tag to see the other posts I’ve made previously. This will be the last post from this exhibition.

In the evening wear section there was a suit called “Invitation” (above). I was moderately disappointed at the number of black garments in this display – they don’t photograph nearly as well as other colours, and it’s hard to see the detail even in person.

Invitation design display screen

design display screen

For another suit, there was a digital display screen showing some of the interiors of the skirt – though even the photography by the museum didn’t show a lot of detail. I did find the note that the skirt was made without the selvedge cut away and finished “to reduce finishing”.

Red fringe dress with other garments

Red fringe dress with other garments

I had seen photos from a DIFFERENT Dior display online, where there were a series of muslin/toile garments, and when I first saw this display I was thinking it was the same… in the back there’s a toile and then the finished garment – but this was the only display of this type.

It was on display with this red dress with a fringed hem. When I bent over to look more at the fullness of the skirt, I was really surprised to see how uneven the hem was as well…  was this the fault of an inappropriate undergarment? Or, has the fabric shifted after being displayed/ hung for a long time? (If perhaps the skirt is cut on the bias and the bias was not let to fall out before cutting?)

Dior dresses for girls

Dior dresses for girls

The very entrance of the evening gown area was three dresses all from the same family – three dresses for a wedding, for a woman and her two daughters.


The Dior gown room

The Dior gown room

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