Largesse thread winders

Thread winders for largesse

Thread winders for largesse

The next project that I wanted to do on the laser cutter at the Maker Space was a largesse project for my SCA group. An acquaintance helps organize a largesse-making group called the Fellowship of the Things, and they were hosting a half-dozen largesse raising for summer Coronation. I wouldn’t be able to attend the event, but I thought I would try to make something to send along.

Direct link from Swedish History Museum

Direct link from Swedish History Museum

One of the things I’ve received in the past that I really liked was a little wooden thread winder. I found Inventory #107574, from Birka, Sweden in the Swedish History Museum’s online database, and thought it would be a good example to work from.  The Swedish winder is tentatively dated from the 800-900’s, and is made of horn.

The original looks to be about 4.5cm (or 1 3/4″) wide, and a bit shorter. It has square corners, and uneven round intents for the thread, along with a hole in one corner (perhaps for hanging?) I originally planned to cut my version out with square corners as well, but then decided to slightly round them instead. (Basically as much as would happen through sanding and use.) I also opted to do a square winder rather than one slightly off square. I also decided to do my three thread holes evenly, rather than uneven like the original, just for a more polished look. I also made mine to accommodate the material I had available – so they are just a hair over 2″ square. I put these on the same piece of wood as some other projects, so it’s cut out of 1/4″ birch plywood.

Thread winders for largesse

Thread winders for largesse

Finally, since these are for Largesse (gifts, which artisans make, give to the King & Queen or Baron & Baroness, who then give those items out to members of the populous who win awards or host events or things like that) I decided to put the populous badge of the Kingdom on each of the winders using the laser engraver. Oddly, “Fluffy” showed up much lighter on one side than the other. I didn’t really notice while they were burning, but if I opt to do this again, I will want to check the settings before proceeding.

Once they came off the laser cutter, I sanded them lightly and then stained them with “Cherry” stain, and hung them from the little hole to dry. I ended up letting them dry for a few days, just so that when they came into the house they wouldn’t be as stinky as newly stained wood! The instagram photo above shows the winders before they were stained.

Once they were dry, I gave them another light sanding using a fine sandpaper. The result is very smooth, and although the tell-tale black char is still along some of the edges (I didn’t bother trying to sand it all off), it’s sealed so it doesn’t come off.

Thread winders for largesse

Thread winders for largesse

Unfortunately… I didn’t actually figure out when the event was in time to get these to my acquaintance in time somehow – so I’ll add some to my webshop in Facebook. Or.. perhaps when I eventually get back to Finland again, I’ll bring them as gifts for the SCA folks out there!

If you want to see more of what I’ve made for largesse in the past, click the “largesse tag”! 

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