Bamboo silk rope


Handmade bamboo-silk rope

I’ve been loving the belts, harnesses, and other accessories from Creations by Magi on Instagram lately. Unfortunately, they’re well out of my price range, so I figured I’d try making one of my own. I can’t find the right kind of cord, so instead I was inspired by my friends at HavenKink, who make gorgeous hand-made ropes.

I don’t need anywhere near as much yardage as they create, and unfortunately the beautiful bamboo-silk rope I loved handling is going out of stock… which means that the two colours I really wanted (red and green) weren’t available. They did have black which was also on my list… but when I figured out another option, I was able to make my own in black as well…

Popping over to the yarn store, I found fantastic 70% bamboo, 30% silk yarn in red, green, black (and.. ahem.. maybe one or two other colours…) on sale! This meant bundling up my arms with gorgeous squishy, silky-sheen yarn that I’d love to knit up too actually….  but instead it was intended for rope-making!

Ages ago I had a friend who made a rope-making jig, similar to medieval models. We gave it a try with a spool of hemp I had, but kept running into trouble. Rather than try that again, I decided on a non-jig alternative, using a bunch of clamps on my bookshelves as a warping board, and then a power drill and a whole bunch of clamps for a way lower-tech option.

Handmade bamboo-silk rope

Handmade bamboo-silk rope

The black rope is 20 strands, 2-ply, and much shorter than the other ones I made, measuring in at 4.3 meters. The ends are finished with a knotted whip, leaving some of the extra un’spun’ rope become like tassels at the ends.


I also made four different green ropes, with 18 strands each, 3-ply. They are

  • 7.3 meters
  • 7.2 meters
  • 6.6 meters
  • 6.65 meters

long each. I had some pearl cotton (remaining from my Viking WhipCord trim) in nearly the exact shade of green to use to whip the ends of the rope (with a knotted whip), and I used the same knotted whip to mark the center of the rope in a darker shade of green pearl cotton.

Handmade bamboo-silk rope

Handmade bamboo-silk rope

Finally, a cherry rope, which isn’t quite as red as I’d like.. but still a gorgeous colour. This is with 18 strands each, 3-ply, and 8.6 meters long.  Like the green ropes, I finished the ends with a pearl cotton knotted whip in a colour that is almost exactly the same as the bamboo-silk rope!


So now that I have all this gorgeous, squishy, smooth, silk-sheen rope… I need to find the perfect rings to act like buckles for belts like the ones made by Creations by Magi… or maybe some other beautiful projects!

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If you love this and don’t want to make your own… of course my first recommendation is HavenKink, if they still have colours you like in their gorgeous bamboo silk rope which is currently on sale. However, you can also find this from US sellers Kinbaku Studio (8 meters of 6 mm rope for $15US) and (8.5 meters of 6 mm rope for $25CAD approx).

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