Hot pink PVC hobble skirt


Lightweight hot pink PVC hobble skirt

After making so many different Courtesy Masks, I finally got the time to clean up my sewing space a little, and that really pushed me to finish up some of the “UFO”s (Unfinished Objects) in my sewing room, including this pink PVC hobble skirt.

The pattern is somewhat adapted from a red hobble skirt I made earlier (but never blogged about) – making a few minor changes for fit. The PVC is from Marshals Fabrics in Edmonton, and it was chosen more for the colour than the quality of the fabric I’m afraid… I’ve worked with some much, much better PVC fabrics in the past – this one is pretty lightweight and was a bit of a pain to sew….

Lightweight hot pink PVC hobble skirt

Lightweight hot pink PVC hobble skirt

Hobble skirts are a style from 1905-1910, with designer Paul Poiret claiming to have invented the style. Of course…. making them in hot pink PVC isn’t really a historically correct interpretation of the style. It’s cinched at the ankles, making the wearer take tiny steps, and this version is also snug from waist to ankles.

Since this fabric is NOT durable (I’ve made hobble skirts before of duchess satin and pant weight stretch twill) I added decorative bands (made of a very light webbing) at ankle and hip, which for some bondage-style fashion can also be locked tight with attached D-rings. I hoped to put them at knee level too – but actually ran out of D-rings. (Of course, with covid-19, popping out to my supplier isn’t really an option either…) I also ran a line of light webbing through the waistband – but this has a bit more give than stitching it to the fabric itself.


It’s shown on my vintage dressform – because this is for a friend who is considerably smaller than I am.

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As you can see from the photos… I also made a gorgeous lace kimono-style cardigan… but I’ll blog about that later.

4 comments on “Hot pink PVC hobble skirt

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  2. Tim Marlow says:

    I would like to know where I could purchase one

    • Dawn says:

      No idea honestly. I would suggest a fetishwear shop like Deadly Couture/Deadly Fetish in Vancouver (they have a good webshop too) but no idea if they a) carry hobble skirts or if they do b) in pink PVC. My best suggestion would be to find a tailor in your area who can custom make you one.

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