A (twisted) Mad Hatter’s Hat – Complete

A Mad Hatter style hat for a costume party

A Mad Hatter style hat for a costume party

Ages ago I posted the construction details for a Mad Hatter style hat for an event – however I ended up getting sick right before the event, and never finished off the last few details of the rest of the costume – and ended up not attending the event. 

The buckram covered in the velvet fabric on a headform

The buckram covered in the velvet fabric on a headform

So… even though the hat was done – I never got photos of the hat.

Well in October, I attended a different Alice In Wonderland-themed event, and FINALLY got some photos of my creation!

So here’s a super-quick show-off post… Click the link above or the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party tag to see more about the drafting and construction of this unique hat!

See more!

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4 comments on “A (twisted) Mad Hatter’s Hat – Complete

  1. That fabric is glorious – and what a hat to cover with it!
    I’d be seriously tempted to try my hand at one (if I had the necessary materials and skills!), but since I already have about fifteen hats, maybe I should do a bit of downsizing first.

    • Dawn says:

      LOL I have SO many hats too – and other than for costumes, I almost never wear them which is a shame for sure 😦
      I don’t think I’d wear this fabric as a garment, but I think for this it works!

  2. Juliet Dodson says:

    Hello! what thread do you use when sewing with buckram

    • Dawn says:

      Usually I use buttonhole twist if it’s to hand sew the buckram together or adding wire. However if I’m sewing by machine I just use ordinary polyester sewing thread.

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