Re-fashion: band & logo shirts (part three)

Stam1na t-shirt re-fashion (iPhone photo)

Stam1na t-shirt re-fashion (iPhone photo)

I have even more t-shirt upcycle projects to share with you…

If you’re interested in making a boxy, unfitted t-shirt fit better, or maybe just make it a little more funky and interesting, and a little less ‘off-the-shelf’ I hope some of these ideas will give you some motivation to try some t-shirt surgery yourself! 😉

I made these a while ago, and just never got around to posting… so as I’m going through my archive of drafts, I figured I’d pop this one up.

Stam1na & Týr band shirt upcycle

As shown in the photo above, for these shirts (which I re-made in pretty much the same way) I wanted to keep the sleeves, but do something a bit cuter.

  • I divided the shirts into front and backs – frequently these are knit in the round, but for the yoke and subsequent hem shaping, they need to be in a front-and-back. The sleeves were also removed. When re-sewing the sides, I made the shirt a bit of a better fit.
    • For the Stam1na shirt in particular, I merged the front of one shirt with the back of another, getting the word logo from one shirt where I didn’t like the graphic logo, and the graphic logo from another shirt that had the “tooth” logo that I more associate with the band and putting them together.
  • I chopped off the top of the front and top of the back, then re-cut the tops in sheer black stretch fishnet kind of fabric, and re-sewed them on as yokes.
  • New sleeves were cut from the same black fishnet fabric, sewn on, and trimmed with latex-coated spandex (which looks like PVC but is a little lighter).
  • The neckline was bound in the same latex-coated spandex.
  • I did a back opening with a pop-snap, though the neckline is large enough to get on without opening it.

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