A pointy hat for my Viking wardrobe

Pointed "santa" hat

Pointed “santa” hat

Even though the costumers who aim for authenticity seem to loathe the pointy, toque-like, ‘santa’ hat… I wanted to make one nonetheless.

In all honesty, this shape which I think people refer to as a Birka hat because the ornament was from Birka – is kind of…. goofy, and I’ve never worn this hat besides for photos.

The entire hat design seems to be base on just the metal ornament – which seems like a stretch to me… which likely contributes to my skepticism of this hat. Maybe it’s just because it doesn’t look great on me. There are other people who look better in this style for sure.

I made this hat ages ago, and hoped to do some research to justify it in between… but never found any, so as I’m going through my archive of drafts, I figured I’d post it all the same. (You can tell it’s old by my hair colour! I haven’t been blond in a while!) 

cutting the backing of the faux fur with a blade rather than scissors

cutting the backing of the faux fur with a blade rather than scissors

The purple wool blend of the hat was a skirt I had made in college, and cut apart for some other projects.

Technically, that means this hat would meet the Historical Sew Monthly February challenge:

“FebruaryRe-Use: Use thrifted materials or old garments or bedlinen to make a new garment. Mend, re-shape or re-trim an existing garment to prolong its life.”

But I don’t really want to use this for a challenge entry.

The faux fur was from my stash – I think originally purchased from one of the Grandmother’s Fabric Sales.

The cone I spent a good amount of time hunting for – it’s a extra large bead cap, used to combine multiple strands of smaller beads into one necklace – or similar. I got it at a local bead store that is now out of business.

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