Home-made drum lamp shade

A new drum shade for my pendant lantern

A new drum shade for my pendant lantern

This is another kind of simple / silly project, but I’m still really happy with it and want to show it off.

For years I’ve had a paper lantern for my hanging pendant lamp that I dyed red, but since I’m switching my room from a red & gold theme to silver & blue, I also wanted a CHEAP new lampshade.

I looked online at a bunch of places to find a pendant lamp shade, but couldn’t find anything. I was considering just going with another paper lantern from IKEA (which at $4.99 totally fits the cheap requirement) but I wanted a drum shade instead – I don’t know why… but I just thought the shape was better for the look I was going for.

So.. after making the tissue box project (and LOVING the silver reflective contact paper) I thought that would work well, and started on it…. but – half way through, I realized I didn’t have enough reflective contact paper. Arg.

I went back to the dollar store, and they didn’t have any more, but they did have a low-sparkle silver glitter… so that was my choice instead.

A new drum shade for my pendant lantern

A new drum shade for my pendant lantern

The actual construction is pretty simple. There is contact paper on the inside and outside of the drum, and the inside… is just poster paper. A firmer base would likely have been a bit better, but I didn’t have any styrene or similar kind of material handy. I also thought about buckram… but thought the contact paper might not have stuck well.

To close the drum closed, I marked holes about an inch apart down the seam, and secured them with rivets that I hammered in. The suspension is kind of haphazard – I would do it differently next time – but I made wire rings from galvanized steel wire (20 gauge I think?) and covered it with contact paper during assembly. The whole thing hangs from a pretty simple pendant cord set.

A new drum shade for my pendant lantern

A new drum shade for my pendant lantern

SO… I really like the result, but I think I will still continue to look for more of the shiny silver reflective contact paper.  I also think that I’d like a more firm frame with a proper hanger, so I might keep an eye out for an inexpensive drum shade if I’m out thrifting. We’ll see… I like what I have right now, and it might just work until the next time I want to re-decorate my room.

(Also… I’m slowly building a gallery wall with all of the black painted frames I received from a friend who had to massively scale down before moving out of Alberta to BC.)

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