Mirrored pen cup

Mirrored pen cup

Mirrored pen cup

Ok… I’m getting a little extra now with all of the new decorations for my bedroom, right?

I loved the silver contact paper I used for my tissue box and hoped to use it for a pen cup (previously I had a coffee mug with Finnish metal musicians on it!) but I didn’t have enough. While I was shopping for more, instead I found a sheet of self-adhesive tiny mirror squares.

I built the cup shape out of two layers of card.. basically cereal box card pulled out of the recycling bin. I covered it inside and out with the glitter contact paper I bought for the drum lamp shade (just because I needed something the right colour and had some of it left over). Then I covered the cup with the mirrored tile.

Mirrored pen cup

Mirrored pen cup

Super simple project really…. and I LOVE this mirrored tile. It was super easy to work with – apart from measuring for the curve of the cup (which I didn’t quite get right… but that’s the reason I covered everything in glitter contact paper!) It would likely be better on a firmer base, but card worked just fine for a cheap and simple project.

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Mirrored pen cup

Mirrored pen cup

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