RAM Vikings – Draw plate and metal working tools

Draw plate & metal working tools

Draw plate & metal working tools

Part of a competition piece I did a few years ago was on Viking Knit (Trichinopoly) where I learned a lot more about draw plates, and specifically 11th century draw plates. These are (in short) used to make wire a smaller diameter – as well as taking down the diameter of completed Viking Knit.

One of the items in the Royal Alberta Museum (RAM) exhibits was about draw plates, along with other metal working / jewelry making tools.

This exhibit included files, a mold, draw plates (named as pull bars), a wedge, anvils, and an “implement with iron core”. It also looks like there’s some kind of crucible at the top of the display – though if it was noted in the description I didn’t photograph it. (And two years later,  don’t remember it!) There also wasn’t a location for these artifacts or dates when they were made/used.

Draw plate & metal working tools

Draw plate & metal working tools

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