Linen blanket

Linen blanket on my bed... in such a small room it's tough to get a nice photo!

Linen blanket on my bed… in such a small room it’s tough to get a nice photo!

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen a sneak preview of the project I was working on in late June – a linen blanket to help manage how hot these summer nights are getting.

I actually thought about making this LAST summer – but never got around to it. I kept toying with doing a tone-on-tone quilting pattern on it – but also knew it would spend most of it’s life in a scrunched up bundle on the side of my bed… (I don’t make my bed when I wake up in the morning LOL). I also considered doing wide bindings around the yardage to make it closer to the same size of most of my other blankets, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to do the blanket single layer and the binding double layer – or both double layer.  Either way, executive disfunction meant I never really moved on the idea.

ok.. so back to the June 2021 heat wave…

Sewing satin binding on my linen blanket

Sewing satin binding on my linen blanket

I sometimes feel like I need a blanket for the weight when I sleep, ( just a sheet isn’t enough) but with these heat waves we have had… all my blankets are WAY too warm. So, I took some mid-heavy linen, (I’m guessing around 6oz) measured out 4 meters, folded it in half (so it’s 150cm wide by 200cm long) and bound 3/4 sides with satin blanket binding. The fourth side, was just a fold, so I topstitched it. This also lets me know which are the long and short ends.

I love the contrast between the rustic linen and the shiny satin! I would have preferred navy or grey for my current bedroom look…but I already had white in my stash.. and I’m really trying to limit my spending.

Basically as soon as I finished it, it was on my bed. It definitely is WAY more comfortable to snuggle up under for warm nights, but gives me the weight to sleep under! Of course that also means I didn’t get many photos until now… so this post is totally the wrong time of year – but if your executive disfunction is bad too – maybe a few months notice will inspire you to make one for summer too!

… Totally recommend if you have some extra linen yardage kicking around in your fabric stash!

Finished satin binding on my linen blanket

Finished satin binding on my linen blanket

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    top-stitching the folded edge of my linen blanket

    top-stitching the folded edge of my linen blanket

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One comment on “Linen blanket

  1. B.A. Tosczak says:

    I too favor heavier blankets so might have to try this

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