Throwback Thursday – Viking Knit – my first time using silver

The silver wire chain, once through the smallest drawplate hole, is small enough for a Pandora-style glass bead!

The silver wire chain, once through the smallest drawplate hole, is small enough for a Pandora-style glass bead!

This is another post that I started ages ago, saved as a draft… but forgot to post!

After feeling a lot more comfortable with Viking Knit (Trichinopoly) after a few successful projects in stainless steel and copper wire, I decided to buy some silver wire. (Almost twice the price.)

The silver was  $16.35 for a 30 ft roll at the time, where the stainless steel I started out with was less than $7 for a 30 ft roll)

The wire packaging

The wire packaging

The silver wire, like the copper wire, was soft, and easily pliable. I found it was fairly easy to keep the tension consistent and have fairly tight ‘ladders’.  (Unlike the stainless steel wire!) Even doing double-knit, I found that the chain came together a lot faster than the steel. Although I know part of that is simply having better control over the technique, part of it I’m sure is also thanks to the wire itself.

I also learned that pulling straight down the dowel while looping helped keep my rows much straighter, and left me having to adjust much less frequently.  I continued with the technique of doing tiny little coils with the spare wire ends, and was glad for the result when I was done.

Viking knit measurements – before & after the drawplate

I knitted up all 30 feet of my silver wire. When I took it off the dowel it was about 54 cm ( 21.5 inches) long. After going through the largest hole it was about 84 cm (33 inches) long, and once it went through the smallest hole, it was the final length – 92 cm (36.5 inches) long. I figured rather than knitting up two pieces like I did with my first project, and having them be a little too long, I’d knit up the whole thing, and then just cut what I needed to the length that I needed it.


I ended up using a lot of the chain from this for my Hämeenlinna -style necklace. You can read more about it on the Viking Knit tag, and see other Trichinopoly posts here as well.


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