RAM Vikings – amber, jet, and glass beads

Strings of amber, jet, and glass beads from Bornholm / Jutland.

Strings of amber, jet, and glass beads from Bornholm / Jutland.

In May 2019 my mum and I took a trip to Edmonton to visit the Royal Alberta Museum.  I took so many photos, but didn’t get around to blogging about the exhibit of Viking age items from Denmark.

Today’s post is all about amber, jet, and glass beads.

The description for this display was incredibly simple –

Strings of amber, jet, and glass beads
Bornholm / Jutland.

No dates, no further descriptions.

I really wish that they would give more information! Even things like dates, if these were grave finds, etc…  This is often my challenge with museum exhibits – they just give enough information to make me curious – but not enough to actually answer those questions!

I’m posting now, because I’m doing a little more research on beads, so it inspired me to come back to this previous work-in-progress post – but there are still others to come when I have the opportunity!

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