Throwback Thursday – Design school projects – Colour Book (part 3)

Colour Book cover (my name is hidden by a tube of paint!)

Colour Book cover (my name is hidden by a tube of paint!)

In the efforts to clean up some of my sewing and crafting area, I’m going through a bunch of my old projects from Design School. In a previous post I introduced the Colour Book, and since it’s such an image-heavy post, I’m dividing it up a little, so this is the next set of illustrations from my Colour Book.

As I’ve mentioned in previous Design School posts, illustration wasn’t my strongest skill in school. I started out pretty weak, and did improve, but I have no notions that I was ever a great fashion illustrator. So – please be kind checking out these projects from when I was in school!

Post #1  – Primary, Secondary & Intermediate colour groups (Read it here!) 

Post #2 – Monochromatic Intermediate, Analogous, and Complimentary Intermediate. (Read it here!)

Post #3 (this one!)- Split complimentary, Designers choice

Split complimentary – Garden of Eden

A colour grouping with two colours that are beside one another and the third across from them on the colour wheel.  Shown here in red, yellow-green, and blue-green.

Inspiration: Ivy Geranium

Design: Long princess-line dress with contrast flare panels and random “stem” decorations.

  • Red – Poppy
  • Yellow-green – Daffodil (missing)
  • Blue-green – Blue Grass

“Bread feeds the body, but flowers feed the soul.” – The Koran

Designer’s Choice – Garden of Paradise

Designer's Choice - Garden of Paradise

Designer’s Choice – Garden of Paradise

For this design we could pick any colour for a design that aligns with the rest of the collection. I am not sure why I didn’t align with the rest of the book for this one, and the inspiration is a photo from a magazine instead of a colouring book page.

I chose a tint of red-purple.

Inspiration: Rose

Design: Dramatic gown with a low neckline, and side closure

  • Tint of red-purple – Lavender

“…where roses and white lilies grow, a heavenly paradise.” – T.Campion

Additional quotes

Back of my colour book

Back of my colour book

On the back of the colour book I also included two more photographs cut from magazines of roses, and four more quotes.

“… a profusion of delight, gay, bewildering bright.” – Homes

“Not every soil can bear all things.” – Virgil

“Nothing happens, unless first a dream.” – C.Sandburg

“Life, death, resurrection, mortality, growth. All are implied by the flower.” – B.Novak

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The colour book project as part of design school

The colour book project as part of design school

Stay tuned for some of the other Design School projects I did, which I hope to continue on Thursdays for Throwback Thursday!

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