So after Dating and placing my Viking Age style beads… now what?

In my previous post, I outlined what kinds of beads I would be looking for out of my large glass bead collection.

In short, I sorted through thousands and thousands of beads, picking out shapes, colours, and sizes I thought “felt right”… then divided them all by colour, and then looked at my list to pull out the documented shapes, sizes, and opacities that I had evidence for. I also pulled out some wonderful melon beads, dotted beads, striped beads which I was super happy to find in the collection.

I did end up still keeping the beads that “felt” right – even if I didn’t have specific evidence for them, for either “look and feel” festoons in future – or other historically-inspired/informed jewelry I want to make.

But.. I went from a huge pile (like photographed below) to something that looks like…. this:

Some of the green beads validated by my research

Some of the green beads validated by my research

Kind of depressing really… to go from handfuls and handfuls and handfuls of lovely beads… to just a pinch!  However, with all the different colours I have, there will still be plenty for necklaces and festoons!

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Dating and placing Viking age beads for future reenactment projectsIf you’re finding this post well after the original publication date, you can follow the “Dating & Placing” tag to see more posts from this category.


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