Killstar belt – plus size edition

Wearing the re-made Killstar pentagram belt

Wearing the re-made Killstar pentagram belt

I fell in love with this pentagram belt from Killstar… (ridiculous shipping and duty and exchange rate aside…) but alas, like so many things meant for the goth crew – it came in “one size” – which is always just a little too small for me.  (And proportionately wrong too.. I want the pentagrams to go ALL the way around, not just on the front…)

SO – shipping and duty and exchange rate be damned – I ordered two of them.

When they arrived, I kept the buckle and the strap with the holes from one belt, and started slicing up all of the fake leather straps between the rest of the pentagrams.

Then I got out my box of snaps and other fasteners, my hammer, hole punch, scissors, ruler, and some scrap leather, and RE-made the entire belt… this time long enough for my plus-sized self (and aesthetic).

(above: video of me unboxing the belts, then setting the snap, snapping together pieces, then wearing the belt)

Wearing the re-made Killstar pentagram belt

Wearing the re-made Killstar pentagram belt

The fun part… I used snaps instead of rivets – so every-single pentagram (except for the first and last which were still attached to the original vegan-leather hardware) can come OUT if I lose weight, or want to wear it as a collar or something instead. (Or presumably, I could also add a few more back in..)

I also had a few metal pentagrams leftover… which I’ll be making up into another project – stay tuned!

(Above: Wearing the belt out – video shows a few different photos, including one getting ready to go out)

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