Hot pink PVC hobble skirt


Lightweight hot pink PVC hobble skirt

After making so many different Courtesy Masks, I finally got the time to clean up my sewing space a little, and that really pushed me to finish up some of the “UFO”s (Unfinished Objects) in my sewing room, including this pink PVC hobble skirt.

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Bias printed circle skirt – HSF November

A long plaid bias skirt inspired by an Edwardian Historical Sew Monthly challenge for the November 2017 challenge - Inspiration.

Long Edwardian-inspired bias plaid skirt

November’s Historical Sew Monthly (Fortnightly) theme is Inspiration – taking a look at what other members have made over the past several years and using it as inspiration for our own project. In my initial brainstorming post, I had a number of thoughts about inspiration, but as the deadline got closer and closer (and I’ve missed so many themes this year!) I was drawn to something more practical for every-day…

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1913 lampshade dress

Me and some of the attendees of the costumed picnic

Me and some of the attendees of the costumed picnic

I joined a very small group of local costuming enthusiasts, and during the summer we had a little costumed get together – so I thought I’d make something NEW for it.
BUT.. it’s a bit of a mixed up thing – I didn’t finish the hem (with a hoop) in time. Then I finally finished the hem by adding the hoop in November (after wearing it twice without the hem being finished…) and hated it! So I took out the hoop, and am calling my once named “unfinished” costume… finished.

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