Enchantment Under the Sea: 1950s Prom

Original sketch for Enchantment Under The Sea costume

Original sketch for Enchantment Under The Sea costume

If you’ve been reading my blog before you might know that I’ve been the chair of the social committee where I work for the past two years(and before that I sat on the committee as well). Last year we planned a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party to celebrate the ‘holiday season’ (aka Christmas for a very politically-correct, multi-cultural, multi-faith organization). I ended up getting sick at the last minute and couldn’t attend. The year before our theme was a Masquerade party, and my costume was an Anubis-inspired costume with a hand-made mask. (Previously we also did a time-travel party and I did a steampunk costume.)

In July I stepped down from the committee (partially I’m running out of time, and partially I’m concerned about the amount of work the committee is starting to require) but I’m still really excited about the party theme we’ve chosen for the 2014 holiday party. Since we started a great deal of the party planning before I stepped down, it also means I have an inside look into how the party will come together, and I think it’s going to be great!

I’ll be collecting all of my ideas under the tag “Enchantment Under the Sea” for the time being… so if it’s after the party – click for all of the related posts – if not – stay tuned!

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