Shortening a too-long zipper


A few weeks back I shared a post on Instagram about how to shorten a too-long zipper. This was for my German Renaissance costume (the zipper is hidden and stands in for period-appropriate hooks and eyes). Today I’ll show more than just a few photos… but also the instructions!

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Leggings & shorts

One of the bars I go to occasionally has dance nights, and one of the themes I’ve seen come up a few times have been 80s nights… Well, I don’t really have a lot of 80s-style clothing, so I wanted to use some of the snakeskin knit that my former teacher gave me to make some leggings.

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Camo knit dress

Camo knit dress (selfie stick)

Camo knit dress (selfie stick)

A few days ago I posted my new snakeskin print knit dress… but it was just a mock-up for the dress I wanted to make – a camouflage dress using knit fabric.

I also downloaded Prisma for my new Samsung phone… and have been having fun with it!

camo dress close up on the lacing

camo dress close up on the lacing (another selfie-stick photo…)

The fabric was from Fabricland, originally $20/meter, but I bought it at 70% off.  It’s not a high-quality knit at all… so I wasn’t going to spend much money on it.  I bought 3 meters, but with tight piecing used about a meter to make the dress. That means I still have about 2 more meters to make something else with…..maybe a longer dress? Maybe leggings?

I made this for a special event at the end of July…. though these are the only photos I have of it so far – maybe more will come later! Follow me on Instagram where I’ll show off if I do!