Circle skater skirts

Red velvet skater circle skirt

Red velvet skater circle skirt

I was attending a Valentine’s Day themed party, and at the last minute decided that I wanted something red to wear to the party, so I decided to sew up a super-simple circle skater skirt.

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Purple plaid circle skirt

A bias-cut circle skirt in purple, white, grey and black even plaid

Purple plaid circle skirt

I got on a bit of a roll, making mundane clothing for every-day wear… the black and white pinstripe pencil skirt, the printed plaid pencil skirt, the printed plaid circle skirt, and finally this purple, grey, white, and black plaid circle skirt.

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Bias printed pencil skirt

Bias printed plaid knit fabric made up into a vintage-style pencil skirt

Plaid pencil skirt

The other day I posted my Bias printed circle skirt post – well there was a little bit of material left over from cutting the skirt, so I also cut a pencil skirt from the same fabric! This is pretty much exactly the same as the black and white pinstripe pencil skirt I posted earlier, but with a sewn-on elastic waistband, instead of a fold over elastic waist.

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Bias printed circle skirt – HSF November

A long plaid bias skirt inspired by an Edwardian Historical Sew Monthly challenge for the November 2017 challenge - Inspiration.

Long Edwardian-inspired bias plaid skirt

November’s Historical Sew Monthly (Fortnightly) theme is Inspiration – taking a look at what other members have made over the past several years and using it as inspiration for our own project. In my initial brainstorming post, I had a number of thoughts about inspiration, but as the deadline got closer and closer (and I’ve missed so many themes this year!) I was drawn to something more practical for every-day…

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Black and white pinstripe skirt

I made myself a new pencil skirt from black and white pinstripe knit. Really simple construction for a fast afternoon project.

new black and white pencil skirt

While I was cleaning up in my sewing space not long ago, I started two bags of fabrics for mundane, ordinary, everyday clothing (instead of costumes). One bag was labeled “pencil skirts” and the other “circle skirts”. My hope was to cut out a few skirts at one time, and then sew them up, assembly-line style.

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