Laser-cut Finnish ‘bead hangers’

Three different sizes of the same wooden 'bead hanger' cut on the laser cutter.

Three different sizes of the same wooden ‘bead hanger’ cut on the laser cutter.

A while ago you might remember that I made a single bead-hanger based off a 9th Century Finnish design, cast in pewter. I still haven’t had the chance to make a second to be able to wear it, but after having access to the laser cutter at a nearby Maker Space, I decided to see about making them in wood for a totally different project instead…

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Bead hangers

Finished bead hanger in the style of a 9th century Finnish Viking / Iron Age artefact

Finished bead hanger

One of the artisans in my SCA Barony offered to teach a bronze casting class in early November. His offer was to cast either an early or later-period sword pommel, but then also offered that students could cast another reasonably flat object if they wouldn’t use a pommel.

One student asked about a penannular brooch, but I had something different in mind – bead hangers in the style of a 9th century Finnish find.

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Jewellery purchases from the Turku Medieval Market

A pendant in the style of one of the Gotland Crystal pendants.

A pendant in the style of one of the Gotland Crystal pendants.

In my last blog post I mentioned some of the jewellery purchases I made at the Turku Medieval Market, (Keskiaikaiset markkinat), and today I’ll do my show-and-tell about what I ended up buying from the two vendors I mentioned.

Nordens Historiska Fynd

Most of the items I added to my Viking bling-kit are from Nordens Historiska Fynd. Their booth had an excellent clerk who was very helpful, and who let me know that many of their items were listed on their website with information about where the originals were from, inspiring their replicas.

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Medieval jewellery at the Turku Medieval Market

One of my favourite jewellery booths from the Turku Medieval Market

One of my favourite jewellery booths from the Turku Medieval Market

Along with the diamond twill wool I mentioned a few posts back, some of my best purchases the Turku Medieval Market, (Keskiaikaiset markkinat) were jewellery and *bling* for my Viking age kit.

The jewellery booths were generally quite popular, so some of my photos aren’t great – because the booth was too crowded to get good photos! I looked mostly for booths that had reasonable prices for good-looking replicas, but there were also several booths with accessories more with a “medieval feel” or medieval-inspired, which I didn’t take photos of.

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Beothuk’s photos from Coronation

As mentioned in my previous post, like at Twelfth Night, I wasn’t able to take much in the way of photos at Avacal’s Coronation and the Kingdom Arts & Science Championships because I was swamped trying to do other things. Luckily, one of the local photographers (Beothuk)took MANY amazing photos, and published them publicly online.

All photos are direct links from his Flickr feed – if he removes them, they’ll break here. All copyright his.

My Finnish Iron Age costume

I opted to wear my Finnish Iron Age costume for my presentation (using my early attempts at the coil-embellished apron and necklace while the updated, more accurate versions were on display for the judges to touch and feel). For Court in the evening though, I swapped out and wore the updated versions. Beothuk got a few photos  (I didn’t get any!)
Court was pretty much hilarious all the way through – I don’t think that there was a single time I wasn’t laughing.

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