November Naalbinding

November's naalbound hat (and me being super-goofy)

November’s naalbound hat (and me being super-goofy)

Quick post today – just to show off the new naalbound hat I made, finished off in November.

It’s purchased 100% wool yarn, a dark grey heather made of Icelandic Lopi yarn. (The wool I brought back a year earlier from my trip to Iceland!) This is the alafosslopi.

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Grandmother’s fabric sale – Saskatoon

Direct link from Grandmother's website

Direct link from Grandmother’s website

I don’t know if I have any readers in Saskatoon, but if you are (or if you can get there easily) you really should consider going to the Grandmother’s Fabric Sale on October 15th. (And drop-off your donations on the 13th!)

I go to this sale annually in Calgary, and it’s a great deal – basically people donate fabric, notions, yarn, and sewing equipment, and then the organization sells it off for pretty much dirt-cheap. All of the funds go to the non-profit organization, to support African grandmothers raising their grandchildren,when their own children are unable to care for them due to HIV/AIDS.

When I say dirt-cheap… I mean it… most fabric is approximately $1.00/meter, and they have quilting fabrics, fashion fabrics, knits, upholstery, home decorating, fleece, wool suiting, and fancy fabrics like brocades, velvets, and silks… It all depends on what was donated. I have had some amazing finds there… and I get a LOT of cool fabric for costumes there.

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To see my posts from previous sales in Calgary (and Red Deer once too!) click the “Grandmother’s” tag!


In the past the sale was in Regina at the end of October… I don’t see anything about it on their website at the time of writing, but if you’re in Regina, check out their website to see if they’re hosting one this year too!


Coming up soon is the Lethbridge sale as well, on October 29!

Unfinished projects display at Samhain 2016

Samhain 2015 naalbinding display

Samhain 2015 naalbinding display

November 7, 2015 was Samhain for Montengarde (the Barony I live in for the SCA) and for it (as the A&S champion for Montengarde) I hosted an unfinished projects display. I didn’t get a lot of turn out, but that didn’t stop me from nudging people to put their projects on the table and share them.

I’m posting this super-late because I forgot to take the photo off my phone… but here’s my naalbinding (with handspun wool) display from that event.

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A&S at Spring Champions

Two beautiful entries for #MyrganWood's A&S championship competition #art #science #SCA

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I was really lucky to find a ride as well as a place to stay to be able to attend Spring Champions in Myrgan Wood (the SCA name for the Barony located in the mundane city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan). It meant that I could participate in the A&S (Arts & Science) display, judge the A&S competition, and hang out with a bunch of really cool A&S people.

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