Anubis mask completed

My Anubis mask

My Anubis mask

A while back I posted about my completed Anubis costume, and I had a few requests for more photos of the completed mask.

Read the full post about making the mask here. 

My Anubis mask - nose close up

My Anubis mask – nose close up

I purposefully didn’t include finished photos of the mask in the ‘making of’ post (since I really wanted to share what it looked like totally done)  but since people wanted to see a few more photos than the ones I shared in the completed costume post, I figured I’d make a short photo-post of just the mask!  Keep in mind these are quick photos taken down in my basement – perhaps I’ll find someone to work with and take some really good photos in the future!?

From the completed costume post: “I love the mask of this costume – it was easy to wear, but it was also a bit awkward when it came to looking down that long nose all night. I did end up taking it off a lot to eat and do things throughout the night, but to me, it’s really what ‘makes’ this costume.  Without it, it’s just any other Egyptian-mythology-inspired costume, but the mask really sets it off as Anubis. “

Anubis 'earring' close up

Anubis ‘earring’ close up

I love the ‘earring’ on the one ear – it’s actually a keyring! I had to paint it, which means it’s not especially resilient to chipping, but I don’t really worry about it being beaten up too much! I also love the gold ‘inside’ of the ear….

My Anubis mask profile view

My Anubis mask profile view

The side view is a bit different – I don’t like it as much, but I think it’s ok – it’s definitely unique! I’m not totally happy with the headdress – but I looked all over the place for a pattern without luck. It was only when I was browsing on Pinterest that someone posted about a pattern being in “From the Neck Up” – a book I recieved during my millinery class.  Turns out… the book has a pattern in it!

I might just have to go back and re-make this headdress at some point….  Maybe even tweak this costume into more steampunk?

Another costume party

Anubis costume sketch

Anubis costume sketch

You might remember that last year I asked for inspiration for a masquerade ball and ended up settling with an Anubis costume (thanks to Cherry for reminding me about the posts I’d forgotten about!)

Well, this year I have another costume party to attend, and I’m looking for ideas.  I started following Lis Kester on Pinterest, and frankly, I’m inspired by EVERY. SINGLE. THING. she has pinned, so I suspect I might just be using her inspiration boards as a jumping off point… but – what are YOUR ideas?

What costume are you dying to make? Where do you get ideas and inspiration?

Have any great links or Pinterest boards I should check out? Let me know in the comments below!

Reality check

The only downside of this costume party – I’m working it.  This means that I need a costume that is easy to put on by myself, easy to transport, easy to sit in, easy to carry heavy boxes in, and that is weather-friendly.  I’m not asking too much, am I?

Anubis – Skirt

Anubis costume sketch

Anubis costume sketch

One of the first things I worked on after breaking the Anubis costume down into it’s basic elements was the skirt.  Mostly I did this because  I needed time to think about how to make some of the more complicated elements of the costume while I worked on something that I could do a little faster and easier… (or at least without having to think about it TOO much…)

Of course… this is a REALLY late post.  I ended up blogging all of the other elements, and was waiting on some photos before posting this one…. and then promptly forgot that I hadn’t posted this! I was reminded in September by Cherry (thanks!) but I already had a number of other posts in the queue, so it’s taken until now for some room to open up to let me share this with you. (I don’t like posting something every day… I figure no one want’s to see my Facebook and Twitter streams filled up with JUST costuming!)

Just to remind you… the concept sketch is at the top of the page – if you want to catch up on the other posts, just click the Masquerade Ball tag.

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Anubis – armbands

If you remember my original Anubis sketch, you’ll remember that I had armbands on the costume. Part of me wanted them to be metal, but I also thought in order to keep them up they’d need to either have an elastic portion, or be sewn to the shirt.  Frankly, I have weak girly-arms, and lack the muscle definition to keep armbands UP without additional measures.

As the event I wanted to wear this costume to got closer and closer, I kept putting off making the arm bands as I tried to figure out how to do them.  I had some of the scarab beads leftover from the collar/necklace that I never used, and thought they would work on the armbands, but I still just couldn’t picture it. I cut out some black elastic and stitched it up into a base for an armband and wore it around for a while, and still wasn’t really happy with even just the base.  I scratched the whole armband idea entirely and decided to use the scarabs and leftover beads for a bracelet instead, and then never got to that either in time.  I just wasn’t inspired anymore by that point.

So, I never did make the armbands. Instead I grabbed a copper wire bracelet/cuff from my costume jewlery box and just went with that. It isn’t nearly as impressive as my sketch or what I saw in my head – but it was DONE…