Grandmother’s sale haul 2022

2022 Grandmother's Fabric Sale Shopping Haul

2022 Grandmother’s Fabric Sale Shopping Haul

The 2020 Ujamaa Grandma’s Fabric & Yarn sale was cancelled due to Covid, and while there was a 2021 version, I didn’t hear about it, and didn’t go. (Apparently it was quite small.) However, this year my housemate did a bunch of clearing out of her fabric and we both went through a bunch of our craft supplies and dropped off a bunch of donations a few days before the sale, which ran April 29-May 1. Continue reading

TARDIS painting apron

TARDIS apron - a gift for my mum

TARDIS apron – a gift for my mum

All the way back in September 2016 I posted about some TARDIS-print fabric I’d picked up to make something for my mum. Well…. it sat folded up for a while. Then it got cut out. Then it got partially sewn up.

Finally… in the first few weeks of 2022, I finally FINISHED it.

Wow, that’s a journey.

I only got a small amount of this fabric, because it was really expensive for fabric from Marshall’s… (probably because it’s a licensed print…) though I’ve been back a few times since and they haven’t had it anymore, so I guess it sold well!  I think I might have originally been planning on making a tote bag for her art supplies – but then she made one of her own, so that plan was scrapped.

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So apparently I can sew shoes…

Finished heels with a lengthened strap

Finished heels with a lengthened strap

Hopefully that title didn’t make you think I’d made a pair of Viking shoes (totally on my wish-list). No, instead I spent part of my birthday (after needing to take time off work because of a confirmed Covid exposure and waiting for a PCR test..) hitting my UFO pile, including FOUR pairs of shoes I wanted to try to alter.

If you follow me on Instagram, you already got a sneak-peek of this project, but now that I’m done and photographs have been taken, I can share the project!

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Historical Sew Monthly 2022 & sewing wish list

I’ve been working over the past week or so on cleaning up my sewing space (again…) with the hopes of getting a few sewing projects done over the next few months.

However, given what my mood and whatnot have been like over the past few months, I really don’t have a lot of hope I’m afraid.

Still, I wanted to make up my wish-list just to print out and keep in my sewing space to try to motivate myself, and thought while I was at it I’d take a look at the Historical Sew Monthly list for 2022.

This year they seem to be focusing a lot more on smaller projects which feels SO much more approachable to me – but we’ll see how I do!

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