Mirror, Mirror (another Snow White movie)

Ok, what’s the interest in Snow White?  Two movies due out in the same year?

Mirror, Mirror is schedueled to come out in March 2012 according to the Internet Movie Database, though I first heard about it through Movie Banter – who puts one against the other to predict which one will do better in theatres (their vote is for the more famil-friendly Mirror, Mirror, though visually the Snow White & The Huntsman looks better and more interesting…

But, the costumes of Mirror, Mirror still look really interesting.  I think that the cartoon-like colours and general look-and-feel of the movie might get it passed by as a ‘costume movie’, but there’s definitely some amazing costumes in this one… There also seems to be a lot more photos available so far too.

With that being said, a lot of the costumes seem somewhat cartoony too though, for instance one shot shows the Snow White character with huge fabric ‘wings’ and a swan’s neck and head on her head, and another she’s in a giant blue dress with a massive orange bow on her back.  In another shot the evil queen is wearing a red gown with embroidered peacock feathers on the bodice, embroidered peacock feathers on the sleeves, and then a collar of white bleached peacock feathers.  Do you get it… she’s vain! …. Yeah, a little on the nose.  In her ‘wedding’ (?) gown, it’s nothing but various sizes of white feathers… and HUGE…

Photo from On The Red Carpet. Click for original. Sorry if the link breaks!

The one item I do kind of like though is a giant, huge yellow cloak with a huge yellow hood that Snow White wears – though yellow is a bit much, and again, a bit cartoon-y.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White is one of my favorite fairy tales (and beauty idol – take that Linda!) so I was curious upon first hearing that Kristin Stewart (Twilight) was up against Emily Browning (from Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events) for the title role in a new movie called Snow White and the Huntsman.

Well, I just caught the trailer the other day, and it looks like Kristin won the role. Charlize Theron as the queen is an interesting choice too. Honestly, I can’t say either would be box office draws for me personally, though the movie does look lush and beautiful in the trailer, and is produced by the same guy who did Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. The movie is set to come out June 1, 2012 (and it’s apparently going to be another trilogy…) – here’s hoping that as time progresses some new costume photos will be released… (though with two male leads, two female leads, and a plethora of battle scenes, I have the feeling that this might NOT be a costumer’s dream… despite the work of Colleen Atwood.)  Just judging by the trailer alone, I don’t see the purpose of this being a trilogy, but who knows what might happen between now and June 1.  (Ei: is perhaps the footage available now only a teaser, and not really representative of the movie in general?)

Female costume run down, just from the trailer:

Golden dress, White gown, Fur coat. Click for larger version

Queen: Gold dress

Seen when sucking the life-force from the woman at 0:23, talking to her mirror 0:53,

The dress is gold, and looks like a vaguely leather-look-pattern – probably a heat-set textured fabric.  The gown has a square neckline, also in gold, with thin, sheer ribbon on the inside.  The gold neckline looks somewhat like velvet, or perhaps a sheer gold over another solid gold fabric; something with dimension.  There’s a diamond pattern (cut velvet? small beads?)  The sheer fabric seems to be pleated, and there’s a line of small beads running between the ‘velvet’ and the sheer.  The center of the length of the ribbon is beaded. She wears large tapered oval earrings that dangle, a choker necklace and a long pendant necklace.  The gown appears to be fairly straight cut in the skirt, but perhaps princess seamed, because the scale pattern is a bit distorted over the breast.  In a full-length side view it shows she also has a long cloak on, likely something that originates from the shoulder seam, since there isn’t any separate front to the cloak in the front view.

Queen: White medieval gown

Seen when she’s stabbing someone in bed at 0:35

White crinkled dress with a cinched waist and long sleeves.  The sleeves are tight at the bicep, and then exceptionally full below, hanging down, kimono-style. She wears a thin crown/tiara, and the bodice appears to be heavily embroidered with gold.  This costume looks really interesting – though I’m curious to see more of what the front bodice area looks like!

Queen: Fur coat

Shown in the forest at 1:14

Medium brown fur coat with long sleeves, high collar.  Appears to perhaps be floor length from an overhead shot.  Nothing too special so far…

Throne gown and Golden Shatter dress. Click for larger version

Queen: Throne gown

Seen first when she’s talking to the huntsman at 1:18

Off-the-shoulder black and gold gown with a very deep V-front plastron.  V appears to be metallic brocade, with a line of black and white trim down center-front.  Possibly a black ribbon with light (silver, light gold) embellishments.  Neckline has a wide trim, in black, tan/gold, and white.. with what looks to be bird skulls pointing upwards.  Sleeve tops (to bicep) appear to be black feathers or fur, very tight laced to wrist in gold with gold beading.  Also wearing crown with draped headdress. At 1:19 there’s a further shot out, and it appears to be a split skirt with two shades of black (or perhaps black on the sides and a super-dark burgundy in the middle). The black on the sides gives the impression perhaps it is tulle, but it’s too wide of a shot to really see any detail.

Queen: Golden Shattered dress

First seen in the trailer at 1:20 when the mirror shatters and she’s screaming.

Tightly fitted gold gown with long sleeves.  The sleeve ‘cuffs’ are pointed as well.  It has a somewhat low v-neckline, and the fabric is heavily textured (corded?) gold with gold trim.  Kind of like a heavy embroidered lace effect, but on a larger scale.  She’s wearing a large square medallion (on point) and a huge golden ring.

Queen: Black raven cloak

First seen in the trailer at 1:35

An impressive and memorable costume, with a huge black feather-covered standing collar that is almost as tall as the actress’ head.  In a split-second scene, the cloak transforms to smoke, and then ravens, taking the queen with it/them, but if you are super-quick with the pause button it appears that this is worn over a gold long, reasonably straight dress.  I am guessing it’s worn over the Golden Shattered dress.

Snow White: Red forest dress

First seen at 0:56 as she’s walking through the forest

In the first shot, done in silhouette, it’s a short dress (knee length) worn with tall boots.  It has a tapered waist, somewhat full skirt, and puffed short (bicep-length) sleeves. One second later we can see it’s red (possibly shot with black?) with a gold (matte, not shiny) neckline.

Two shots of the "classic" Snow White dress

Snow White: Classic/Chase Scene

First seen at 1:05 when she appears to be being chased through a foggy forest, 1:10 where she appears to be being chased through a green field, 1:16 where she’s trudging (likely being chased) through an underwater tunnelAlso at 1:22 where she’s being chased on horseback & 1:24 where she’s eaten the poison apple.

I’m calling this the “classic” Snow White costume, because it seems most like the typical ‘Disney’ costume.  However most of her screen time in this trailer involves her being chased.  (Ah Bella, always the victi…. oh, wait, this is a different character.  You can tell because her hair is darker. ….)

She wears a long, full (golden? ivory?) skirt in what looks like a plain, matte fabric, a bodice that (from the very dark view) looks like the same bodice as from the Red Forest Dress with the short puffed (and possibly panned) sleeves,  and then white ballerina-length sleeves under it with a inverted V shape cut at the “cuff” trimmed in something shiny (Satin? beads? trim?).  From the later (brighter, but VERY quick) scene, it looks as though the sleeves are panned, have some gold trim on them perhaps, and the sleeves aren’t attached at the underarm – the white undershirt is visible.

Later in the trailer (at 1:22 where she’s being chased on horseback) the white is a lot darker, and is now a medium grey.  Perhaps this is after going through mud or something, or just the on-screen colour… In this shot we can see that the bodice has ‘tails’ and is split at the sides (to allow for horseback riding no doubt!), and there’s a center-front opening (or decoration) in white.  There are obviously panned sleeves in this one, and tiny golden decorations on the sleeves (likely small beads).   I’d be guessing the red material is velveteen or something like that.

Finally at 1:24 there’s a GOOD shot of the dress, showing the sleeves are indeed paned (though there’s no visible golden beading), the white undershirt has a square collar like the red bodice and is trimmed with a narrow lace at the neckline, the center-front of the bodice is open and laced closed (exposing the white undershirt) and the long white sleeves appear to have cuffs, possibly trimmed with the same narrow lace.  However, as that scene pans out and above, it appears that she’s wearing black leggings and tall black boots – no skirt at all.

Snow White: Armor

Shown in silhouette, from the back, at 1:00 for the first time. Second shot at 1:33

There isn’t much to say here… I’m not really interested in the armor anyways, so it’s not really an issue. It’s silver, and possibly brown. The shield looks kind of cool, with a bit of a Rivendell-esque tree on the front. There is a solid, plain breastplate and articulated shoulders.  If you want more photos of the armor, Just Jared has some photos from on-set.

Costumes from the official website

On the official website there are a scarce few photos, but a few official photos showing some of the same costumes, and some that are different.

Cropped from the official image. Click for original

Here’s a better photo of the Red Forest dress (or Classic dress?) with the short skirt (really the bodice  is long and split) over a white chemise, black leggings and tall boots.

In this official photo we get a bit more of the outfit – but she also appears to be wearing a brown leather bracer (for archery?) on one arm.  I didn’t spot that in the trailer.  The hem of the chemise also seems to have a wider chunk of lace on it than appeared in the other shots.

Armour - edited from original - click for original

Above is the official photo of the armor – as before, it’s not that interesting to me.

Edited for original, visit website for full version, click for larger version.

Next up, two photos of the  Black Raven Cloak, both showing it actually being a collar of a dress which appears to be made of black reflective triangles.  This is definitely the same collar, but definitely NOT what was in the trailer.  I wonder if perhaps the collar was detachable, and for these publicity photos combining the collar with this dress seemed to better reflect the character than a black cloak?

Edited from original, click for original

The Black Triangle dress (as I’m going to call it!) is pretty impressive, and must have been difficult to move in.  It’s highly structured throughout the bodice, the sleeves are open, with long gothic sheer sleeves underneath.  The tip of the collar seems to have some metallic points on it, and the lighting in the shot above really brings out the ‘oil slick’ colours of the feathers in the collar.

Additional videos and photos

In this video (full of still photos) at 0:40 you can see that the bodice sleeve of the Classic Dress  is only attached at the shoulder, not at the underarm.  This looks pretty silly in this photo, but must have made it much more comfortable to move in.  It also makes it appear that there are two undersleeves, a fitted white one, and a more open grey one. At 0:28 and 1:13 this is seen again.  If you look at the different photos of the bodice, it also is clear that the red and white are separate pieces, because the center-front opening shape keeps changing.  From a narrow straight up and down, to a wider one, to a V shape.

Ok.. so back to the whole “Classic Dress” Vs. “Red Forest dress”.  I’ve got even more reason to think that these are two different outfits… or rather, the same red bodice, but a different length to the bodice ‘tails’, and a long skirt.  Compare this on-set shot from SciFiMafia.  There are multiple shots of this same dress, all showing a long red part, and long underskirt.  It’s hard to tell if the red ‘skirt’ is split or not the way the shorter version is, but there’s definitely a long (water-logged in this photo) skirt – which is nothing like the publicity still above as far as anything below the waist….

From SCiFiMafia - click for original article

My guess?  Probably something “happens” to the long dress (long bodice and long skirt) while she’s being chased.  Catches on thorns, gets cut by a sword.. whatever… and that it then “transforms” into the shorter, cuter version.    Just have to wait and see!

There’s definitely a colour-story to this movie though – which is kind of interesting…  if you were making (or just simply could have, if you’re not big into sewing/costuming) one of these outfits/dresses/gowns  – which would it be?  Let me know in the comments below!